Hi! Welcome back to my channel. Today is going to be a personal video. You may have seen that I recently turned 30. I did vlog my party and all that if you want to go watch it. But I have to say that I really enjoyed turning 30. I don’t know if that’s weird. I’ve always kind of enjoyed getting older or like feeling like progressed each year. And I don’t know like I wasn’t afraid of like looking older or anything like that. The only thing that ever stresses me out it’s like getting closer to dying because I have a massive fear of dying. But all in all like 30 wasn’t a scary or negative age for me. I actually felt was really good something that I did notice is that I was really like retrospective and looking back at my life and thinking about a lot of stuff and writing down things that had happened in the last 30 years and it got me on to this idea to put together a video of 30 things I’ve learned in 30years.

So obviously this is just my experience. You may be 30 and have had a totally different life experience, but I just figured why not share it and let you know what I experienced. So if you’re you know still pretty young and you’re going to be turning 30 sometime down the track you may experience some of these things and if you’re older than 30, I’d love to hear what’s may be coming for me.

From 0 to 5, you really like have either no memories or very little and then it’s like from 5 to like 18, your life is pretty like consistent. You have like a pretty set routine of going to school like five days a week. You have the same friends and like there are certain milestones like getting your driver’s license, getting a boyfriend stuff like that but it’s nothing like it doesn’t feel like a lot of changes and then from about 20 to 30, everything changes and like there’s just so much chaos and like everything happens and it happens so quick. It’s like this.

From 20 to 30, you’ll have so many milestones. So for me, things that happened like I graduated uni, I got married, started a business, built a house which I thought I’d live in forever but ended up selling and moving twice, travelled a ton, and obviously started YouTube, which is very important.

Your life will look so different from what you imagined it went me, but funnily enough, I think you’ll actually be happy with it. You’ll look back and think why did I think life was going to be like that? I’m so glad it’s not. You realize that even once you finish school you never stop learning except that they take all the theory and all the textbooks away and every single lesson you have to learn is practical.

You work out that you control your destiny and that things like where you grew up or where you went to school or uni actually don’t matter. It’s really up to you to make the most of your life. Something I did learn though is who you know becomes more important, but if you don’t know anyone, there’s always the ability to meet people and so this is where your 20’s should really be about networking and finding people who really align with your values and your vision and will help you along on the journey. And so I know for me, I grew up out in Campbelltown, I went to a public school. I didn’t know a lot of people who are starting businesses and so I had to work a little bit harder to build my network around me, but it’s not impossible. So if you want to have a really strong network, you’re just going to get out there and do it. All in all, though, hard work is always going to trump where you came from, what you learnt, and who you know. Good old-fashioned hustle really can’t be beaten.

There’s a lot of opportunities out there, but you have to put yourself out first for the opportunity to come your way. So you need to sign up for those extracurricular things or put your hand up for extra work because once you’re sort of in that momentum, the universe or whatever you want to call it will kind of present more opportunities to you and it’s up to you whether you take them or not. You’re going to learn who your true friends are. Let me give you a tip. They’re the ones who put in as much effort as you. So they’ll call you, but you also need to call them. They’ll organize outings or trips and you need to do the same in reverse. It can’t be one-sided or it’s not going to be a true and fair friendship.

I found that I completely stopped following trends. I started to dress for my body or for my style. I became much more classical or timeless and started buying investment pieces, but funnily enough, I’m so much more confident in the way that I look then when I ever tried to dress really on trend or step out of what I felt was my comfort zone. Sometimes yeah taking comfort and not really like doing anything too crazy and maybe what’s right for you.

And along same lines, you stop trying to be someone you’re not. So you’ll stop pretending that you like certain music that you don’t like to impress someone or that you like a certain TV show or certain country and you kind of just own who you are and you’re really happy about it and you kind of don’t feel like embarrassed that you may be different from other people. Unique is actually quite cool. I’ve really learned to enjoy the simple things. I think when I was younger, it was much more about like big trips and going out heaps and lots of like different experiences where now I really valued things like Friday night takeaway or having a cup of tea at the dog park with Digby. Going for walks or having little weekends away or just having a dinner party with friends. Something doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive or complicated for it to be really enjoyable.

You work at that social media is a highlight reel or in fact fake. Now, I wish I’d learned this earlier in my 20s because I think was in uni when like Facebook and Instagram and all of that sort of stuff came out and I’m grateful that I was an adult and had I guess a little bit of knowledge, but even as an adult, I still believed that what people posting were real and that people had perfect lives and I was doing something wrong and look it all comes out eventually people who you think have perfect lives don’t and often the more perfect it seems like the more that’s happening in the background that they don’t show you. I think definitely nowadays I look at social media as a highlight reel and I understand that there’s a lot happening in the background that I’m not seeing.

Through life experience, you start to smell bullshit a mile away. I don’t know if I have a really good bullshit radar or something, but I’ll meet people and kind of just like make not like an instant you know the decision on them but sometimes you’ll pick up things were you like this person is not actually genuine.

By 30, I developed a very thick skin and things that people used to say to me that would really upset me I could have someone say it to me now and I just laugh and it wouldn’t impact me at all and the funny thing is the people who say those main things actually start to be the ones who get hurt by the fact that you will just laugh it off.

I learned that experiences are way more important than material things and if anything or less stuff actually made me happier. In the last couple of years, I’ve actually become more minimalist and you have just enjoyed my life a lot more without the burden of stuff.

You learn to trust your instinct a lot more so back in the day you probably wrote a million-in-one pros and cons list where these days you would just use your gut and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work but you know that you made the decision that you felt was right at the time.

By then you’ve probably had a few knocks, maybe some heartbreaks, maybe some gambles that didn’t pay off and you’ve really learned that you should learn that what has happened and you can’t change it and you either need to accept it and move on and grow from the experience or you’re just going to wallow in self-pity and it’s going to get you nowhere.

You find that you start agreeing with your parents a lot and that any future kids that you have, you want to raise them like your parents raised you, which is really weird because 10 years ago, you would have disagreed with everything that they said. Everyone’s idea of success is different and you now know what success looks like to you. You’ve learned the hard way that life is precious. I knew that I’ve lost a lot of people. I don’t have any grandparents still living. I’ve lost family and friends and it’s really taught me that life is short and then you have to make the most of it.

There’s enough success for everyone you don’t have to compete for it and if anything the people who are most successful are the ones that help those around them to be successful too. Mental health has become as important as physical health. And you learned that you’re not crazy if you see a psychologist. You’re just normal and trying to deal with all the things that are happening in your life because let me tell you from 20 to 30, a lot happens and it can be pretty challenging.

I learned that I’m way, way, way, way more resilient than I could ever have imagined. If someone had told me at 20 what I would go through in the next 10 years, I’m probably was like can I just skip that decade, please? But you learned that there are hard knocks to actually what make you the person that you are today and the lessons you learn make you a better person for the future.

Being kind and respectful is so important. People are going to remember you for the achievements that you had, they’re going to remember you for the way that you acted and how you treated others.

You’ll learn that karma is real. There are no shortcuts so anyone who lies cheats, steals, or does something to get ahead of someone else. It’s always going to have it come round to them and I know if you’re watching this and you’re thinking oh I know someone who’s done something it hasn’t come for them. Well, it’s coming. Trust me. Everyone gets their karma so don’t do anything that you would you know not what done to yourself and definitely don’t burn any bridges.

When you were 20, you used to make five or ten-year plans. Yeah, you don’t do that anymore you make three months plans that are super, super flexible and probably going to change anyway and you only book your holidays a couple of weeks in advance because you just never know what’s going to happen.

You’re in this really weird phase where half of your friends are still partying and then half of them are getting married and having babies and so your weekend could be like partying on a Friday night, a Saturday morning wedding, and then a Sunday afternoon baby shower and it’s kind of cool but a little bit confusing and tiring at times.

And last but not least 30 is not old. I remember thinking oh my goodness, when I’m 30, I’m going to be so old and definitely going to have kids and I’m definitely I’m going to do all these things. But let me tell you, I’m 30, I don’t feel old. I feel like I’ve got a huge life ahead of me and it was just so much I still want to achieve and I’m really excited to see what happens in the rest of my life.

So I hope you enjoyed these 30 things that I’ve learnt in 30 years. If you’re thirty I’d love to hear if you’ve had the same experiences please comment below and I’d love to just know what you’ve learned in your life so far. I really hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a like so I know to make more personal videos and if you want to hear more from me I do videos all about videos or if you like reviews of equipment and editing software and I upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so if you’d like to know when my next video comes out, please subscribe and you’ll be notified. See you next time. Bye.