Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with video. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. I’m excited but nervous because today Emma is going to be doing my first proper user testing. I did the test at the farm, but to be honest, I was the one who set it up and then Emma just sort of did the cheeseboard.

Despite the fact that the product is far from ready—far, far, far—Emma’s going to give me some feedback. She’s just going to do a couple of flat lays today and tell me what she thinks, let me know which pole she prefers, and all of that sort of stuff.

This isn’t normally how she’d do it. Normally, she’d be at a studio and she’d only do it on the floor, but today we’re going to do it on the table and just see how we go. I’ll record obviously what she thinks and see what the feedback is.

Emma: That one’s obvious. You just undo those things.
Elyse: This is how not ready this prototype is. It’s bringing tape together, but we’ll make do. It’s pretty low because Emma’s just got a really small background to work with so normally she’d have it up much higher, but she’s just going to do some really close shots for this test.
Okay, put the phone in and we’ve got it reflecting there so that Emma can be standing here and seeing the flat layer ready. She’s got (inaudible) right here after that she’ll be able to just click away and not have to touch her phone because it’s like perfectly positioned and lined up.
Elyse: Where do you feel like you’re looking? Are you looking down or are you looking at your screen?
Emma: I’m now looking at the screen because I need it to fit within the screen.
Elyse: Like the square?
Emma: Yeah like I’m planning for Instagram really.
Elyse: Oh my God, let me do a shameless plug for you. Hey guys, this is Emma’s book. She’s a best-selling author. If you want to learn about decorating, buy this book.

So do you want to take a photo and just tell me—oh so you’ll use your remote…that’s it.
I’ve been on flat lay days with Emma before and just like sat around and watched. What I always notice that took forever like she’s super quick at styling it, but then she’d have to like stand over it, get her phone perfectly level, and take a few different shots to get it right and then adjust like the flat lay. That would take ages whereas, what I’m noticing is like because she’s not touching the phone like it’s perfectly flat level, it’s like cropped square perfectly, she’s looking more at her laptop than she’s looking down at the actual flat lay. She’s sort of seeing what the end results going to be and then she snaps one photo just like that. Cool. It’s done. And then she moves on to start the next. I feel like that’s where it’s really saving a lot of time and not worrying about that.

Emma’s in her groove now and she’s doing flat lays like there’s no tomorrow. I just want to end this video here and just talk about that I’m feeling actually really good because I think up until this point, I’ve been sort of getting advice from everyone else about Kickstarter and thinking about marketing so much that I needed to go back to the product and think about why I created it. And just seeing Emma work with it versus what she used to do when she did flat lays before, I know that it just makes her job so much easier. If a product helps people, people want to buy it. So I think I’m on the right track. Watching someone use it in real life and just hearing the comments and stuff that she’s saying, it just gives you so much knowledge and ideas of what direction to go.

Even though the product is far, far from ready, I am going to continue doing some user testing. I’ve already reached out to some amazing people to test it. Part of me is embarrassed because they’re going to see this product that’s taped together and stuff, but I know it’s better for them to see it and test it while also taped together as opposed to producing like a final product and then being like oh this isn’t actually useful for me and then having to go back to the drawing board.
Anyway, now I’m like going on a random tangent. The user testing went really well. I’m so happy about it. Emma, even though she’s my friend, I know she’ll be honest with me and so I think the feedback she gave was really good. Just little things like almost having like a level in the overhead thing so that your phone is definitely flat because that is really important for Instagram photos having it really flat.

There was some other thing about like sometimes she puts the remote down and she’s like where do I put the remote? Even a little like wristband attachment that you can keep the remote on her wrist and then just click it. That was a really good idea that came from testing today.
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