Hi, I’m Elyse from Synoply. Your synopsis of everything to do with video. In today’s video, I wanted to share with you my NOT secret project. The reason I’m calling it my NOT secret project is because if you watch a lot of YouTube and in particular a lot of vloggers, you’ll know that everyone has always has “secret” project, which I think is very funny and entertaining. It definitely gets you hooked to watching them and makes you subscribe to see what’s going to happen next. But the entrepreneur in me thinks it’s the absolute worst idea possible to keep any project that you’re working on secret.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nine years and I know firsthand that when you put your idea out into the world and start sharing it, you will be amazed at the amount of opportunities and connections that come your way.

I know so many people are afraid to share their idea in case someone steals it. Look, while there is the possibility of that happening, you should be always a little bit ahead and you should be moving it a pace that you can outstrip any potential competition that is watching what you’re doing. I think one of the greatest ways to do that is to start promoting and sharing what you’re doing so that people start following you. Like I said previously, you may actually find that people will help you along the way and actually accelerate you to reaching your goal quicker.

One of the reasons why I love telling people about my ideas is because it produces public accountability. You’ll now have people asking you about your project. Let me tell you, there’s nothing more motivating than people asking you about how your project is going and not wanting to feel embarrassed that you haven’t done anything and so all of a sudden you put all the work in and it ends up getting done.

Let me tell you what my NOT secret project is. I have decided to create a overhead smartphone filming rig. I’m obviously going to come up with a better name for it, but essentially, it is going to be a piece of equipment that allows you to take flat lay photos on your smartphone really easily and also do like time lapses of you styling things and doing creative work essentially.

This video is purely to announce the project. I’m going to have a complete series of videos because I’m going to be launching this project on Kickstarter and so I want to take you behind the scenes on absolutely everything I do—the whole journey. I’m going to start with the next video being how I came up with the idea and more description into what the product actually is and what my plans are on after I launch it.

Now, obviously, earlier in this video, I mentioned that I think by putting your project out there, a lot of help can come your way. So I’m going to ask for help with two things. The first thing that I would love help with is anything to do with Kickstarter. If anyone has run a successful or unsuccessful campaign on Kickstarter, I would love to talk to you and get your advice about everything Kickstarter related and any tips that you may have for me to run my own successful Kickstarter campaign. The second thing I need help with is that I would love to talk to as many creative people as possible who think an overhead filming rig for your smartphone would actually be really useful. I would love to talk to like food bloggers, stylists, illustrators, anyone who really creates flat lays or does overhead time lapse. The more creative, the better.

I would love to put you put you in as part of a group of my testers so people who will test out the prototype and give me feedback and the other thing is that I would to feature some of amazing creative people in my Kickstarter video because if it goes well and gets shared all over the world, I’d love to promote as many creative people as possible. Obviously, for logistics reasons, probably people based in Sydney would be most idea. If that’s something that you think you’d be interested in being a part of, please contact me. I’ll put my email address here (elyse@synoply.com) and I look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to keep up to date with my Kickstarter project, please subscribe so that you get notified of when the next video is live. And if you’re catching up on all my videos, I have a whole playlist which I will link in the video somewhere here so then that way you can watch it and catch up on everything that has happened in this Kickstarter project. I look forward to seeing you next time.