Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with a video. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. It’s 10 PM on Wednesday, the 13th of December and I’m filming an update for you guys now because I’ve been so busy. I haven’t been able to film an update in the last couple of days, but I ended up having some more meetings with the factory. I wanted to talk to about that.

I had to have to film it tonight because I’m actually getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I’m so petrified. I’ve just heard so many horror stories that I’m literally am treating it like Armageddon like the world is ending. So I’ve just been quickly filming and trying to get everything in order. In that way, if I can’t do anything in the next week or so, it won’t be a major issue.

I pretty much wanted to let you know you know that in the last video, you would have seen that I went up to the farm and I tested the makeshift prototype that I had created. Before the actual sample from the factory even arrived, I’d already made the prototype that I created obsolete. I knew that there was going to be tons and tons of changes that I had to talk to the factory about.    

What I did is I received the sample like on Sunday, on Monday, I did more testing because I don’t know what it is, but sometimes people are really delicate with their prototypes, but I think if anything, you should be really rough with them and really like use them to the fullest extent to make sure that they can actually work. So for me, straight away, I was like this tripod’s too hard to use. I refused to like ask the factory how to do it because I didn’t want to be swayed where it’s like now they know how to do it. It’s simple. I wanted to make sure that if I can’t pick it up without just looking at it, then it’s got to go. It’s got to be changed.

I filmed some vlog style videos and stuff like that and realized I wanted to change the clip and stuff. Pretty much, there were tons and tons of changes. What I did is I wrote out like a big long list and I emailed that to the factory and said let’s have a Skype tomorrow and go through it all. We ended up having a 30-minute Skype and you know, I’m a real, real big advocate for Skype because I just feel like it’s so much easier to explain things and like discuss it over Skype and so we ended up having about a 30-minute discussion where I went through and explained all of the changes that I needed to be made. Then we had about a two-hour Skype chat backwards and forwards just going through all the different options and what I’ll actually do is I’ll put in some footage now from the meeting and also the sort of like summary of the Skype chat.

Elyse: Yes, that looks better.
Factory person: Just alight this and—
Elyse: Do you have (inaudible) with these clips? Can I see that again? Not that one. The other one.
Factory person: This one?
Elyse: No. There’s another one.
Factory person: This?
Elyse: Yes. Okay. Can that one have the tripod or no? I don’t like this handle. It’s too bulky.
Factory person: Yes, it’s too big. Yes, I can change the handle. The simple because that’s too big. Thank you.
Elyse: Thank you. Bye.

As you can see, there were so many changes and like photos, he’d send me and then like videos because I’d be like I can’t see this probably, can you send me a video? Or show me a video of how it works. I just wanted to share that because communication is just so key and I think in my previous videos, it was almost like it was all a bit too easy because he had the selfie stick that I wanted and this is where it comes back to it’s what I thought I wanted or what I thought would work and then only once I tested my prototype, I was like oh no, actually that won’t work. This is where I’m such a big believer in just doing a makeshift prototype as best you can and then just real-life testing it because I feel like things in design theory are so different as opposed to the reality. But this time around as well, I also was like I want more sample options. So last time, I think it was sort of a thing that we felt like I we’ve nailed it so just send that one sample, whereas this time, I was like no, send four different poles, send three different clips and you know all the different options because I don’t want to waste too much time backwards and forwards testing one pole and be like oh it doesn’t look good. I’ll test another one.

I’ve asked for four different poles to test out of different lengths. I’ve changed the tripod. There are also things that I am not 100% happy with. This clip I’m not 100% happy with because it slightly covers the screen when you’re using it, but it’s a thousand on the mould to change this and the same with this clip for the phone holder. It needs to have these inserts in it to make it thick enough so that it holds onto the pole.

What’s going to happen is it’s all going to be glued together so it looks a bit better. But I don’t love it and that’s another thousand dollars mould, I should say. I never ever go set up anything and I’m not going to spend US$2,000 which is essentially like close to AU$3000. Don’t ask me to do the math, but a lot of money. For me, I just feel like I need to test first whether or not someone actually wants to buy this and then if someone wants to buy it, I know that I can improve and make the final design better and what I’ll actually do is work into my margin when I’m pricing it the cost of the moulds. So then that way, I’ll have like a goal that if I reach a certain amount of people who buy, I will improve the clip and if I reach a certain amount of people, I’ll improve other parts of it.

I pretty much just wanted to say that this is normal. It is so much backwards and forwards. So much testing. So much communication like you just have to talk so much to the factory and it was draining honestly, the two hours that I spent chatting and it was two hours after a full day of work. Yeah, it was like from five o’clock to seven or something. I don’t even know what it was but it was long and it was just constant backwards and forwards. It was really intense, but it was so valuable.

Now, I feel like the next lot of samples, which by the way, he’s only charged me US$75 to ship them all, will arrive in about a week’s time so what I’m hoping is that I’m going to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I’ll be recovered in a week and then I will do lots and lots of testing. But if I’m still on a liquid diet I’ll probably do lots of overhead smoothie-making tests showing me making my smoothies and my Vitamix.

Pretty much the next step is hopefully nailing the final components of the sample and then what do I have to do next? I honestly can’t even think at the moment. Probably next is negotiating the price. I can’t believe I forgot that step. At this point, I very much have not focused on price. I’m like let’s get the design right and then we’ll negotiate.

Pretty much the next step once I get that sample done is to price it and I will also go through how I work out my pricing like doing the currency conversion, factoring in new duties, taxes, freight, all of that sort of stuff. I’ll probably show you my calculation sheet for that. Now, I’ve been really caught in this video even though it’s meant to be a short one.

If you actually liked it despite all the rambling, please give it a thumbs up so I’m going to make more videos like these. If you want to stay up to date on my Kickstarter series, please subscribe so that you get notified of the videos come out. If you’re catching up you can also check out my playlist which has all the videos from this series in it. I hope to see you on the journey of this Kickstarter project. I hope that my wisdom teeth are really like simple to remove and that I’ll be chatting with you guys in a week’s time.