Hi! Welcome back to my channel and my Kickstarter series. I’m at my friend, Emma’s farm, who you’ve seen in the vlog. If you watched my last episode, you would know that the prototype got made by the factory and it has been shipped. The only thing is that it was last Thursday and it’s now the following Friday, it still hasn’t arrived. There’s so much congestion down with all the freight and stuff like that because of Christmas. I think it’s probably going to arrive at my office today. So probably I won’t get it until Monday. We’re at the farm anyway and I brought my little makeshift prototype, the one that I built myself. We’re going to test that out over the weekend and see what comes up.

Already one thing I identified is that having two selfie sticks means like two remotes and like syncing them by Bluetooth to one phone gets confusing so I need to like sort of deal with that. There’s just a few of us up at the farm tonight and then tomorrow some more people are coming up because it’s actually Emma’s birthday this weekend. We’re going to have like a bit of a fun party.

I don’t know how much I will vlog because like I said in previous videos, not everyone wants to star in a vlog, but I will try and update you as much as possible in terms of my testing of the prototype because tomorrow, Emma’s (inaudible) is like insane cheese boards so I’ll definitely try and capture that. I will come back to you once I have an update.

Emma has four donkeys and this is Toby, he’s my absolute favourite. It’s because he’s a bit of a reject. The other donkeys don’t want to hang out with him. Toby’s like a real people person. He sort of gets left out of his pack. He’s so cute!

Toby also happens to be a complete celebrity. He’s actually on the cover of the December issue of Country Style because Emma’s farm was on the cover of Country Style. There’s actually an article in there.

Hi! It’s the next day. I’m just wearing the same dress because #minimalistlife, but I just wanted to film a bit of an update because this morning, I was playing around with the rig trying to like do a flat layer of my breakfast but I’m so useless at flat lays so it looks terrible. I was just testing out the gear and something that I noticed is as I was doing the flat lay on the table, taking a photo was really hard. I had to get on the stool and look down over it and so Emma had actually come up with this idea previously. This is all inspired by her really. She said it’d be great if I had some sort of app that shows you on your laptop what your phone screen looks like while you’re taking photos and then that way, you can have your phone at the top and then have your laptop and see what the phone looks like and then reshuffle the flat lay and then take photos using the selfie stick remote. If anyone knows any like apps or something like that which shows your camera of your iPhone and what you’re taking a picture of on your laptop, please comment below because that would help me so much.

Something that was really cool was that one of Emma’s friends, who is another creative person, was like what are you doing? Oh, I’m testing out this rig that I’m creating a Kickstarter campaign and I was explaining it to him. He’s like that’s brilliant. He’s like we need to do flat lays for work which is always so hard and so we’ve not done it. He’s said that would make it so much easier for us. Yes, I’m on the right track.

The more and more people I show, they feel like yeah, it totally makes sense. Yes, I’d buy it. I feel like even if it’s one by one, I have to tell people what it is. I think I’ll be able to get the Kickstarter off the ground. That was really cool. Everyone’s a bit like you’re obsessed, right? But I seriously am. Last night everyone was watching a movie and I was editing a vlog because I’m just so obsessed. I just love it so much. But anyway, I think I better go and get some apples for these donkeys because William is literally rubbing himself against me.

This is the cheese board that Emma’s going to be filming later. What I’m doing is I’m just sort of testing to see how much of it is going to fit into the frame.

From my test, I realized that I don’t want the legs of this tripod to be pointing inwards. I want them to sides like this—I don’t know how to explain it. (Inaudible) say it.

Emma: I was about to say, are you recording this?
Elyse: Yes.

What I’m going to do for the purposes of this is I’m actually just going to tape it in place (inaudible). I unscrewed it a bit because that way, the two legs are pointed outwards and not inwards. That way it hopefully won’t show in the cheese board flat lay. I have to take this top part as well because it’s not actually screwed together.

Another thing that I realized previously is the idea to have like little mini sandbags which would hold the stand in place when it’s windy like yesterday was really windy, but today, it’s not windy at all. Even today, as people grabbing food, it’s probably good if the rig had some sort of like sandbags or something to keep it stable. So if that’s even possible I might even make it like a stretched goal or something.

Emma’s hard at work. We got the time lapse going.

It’s now Sunday and I’m back home. I’m sorry, I didn’t film more yesterday at the farm. I stopped filming after the cheese board came out so that’s pretty much when’s the party really started and so I didn’t want to make it all about me testing out this rig. I felt bad for everyone there anyway because everyone had to eat around my rig on the cheese board. Everyone was really super nice and supportive and stuff like that so it’s really good.

Ironically the sample from the factory arrived today, which it’s Sunday and so this is why obviously it’s just so congested in the port so that’s why it’s arrived on a Sunday. We’ll open it quickly but what I was thinking is that this episode is probably getting pretty long and so what I’ll do is a separate video talking about the factory prototypes and all that stuff.

One of my hacks is never ever throw away in the paperwork. Always photograph any labels or any packages that the factory sends you because it’s one of the best ways to test whether or not it’s really the factory because you should have the address from when you originally inquired and then the address from where this was sent. This could be that was sent directly from the factory or it could be that they have like an agent who sits in front of them and deals with all the inquiries and stuff like that so always keep on packaging and write down every address.
I won’t go through all this. I’ll talk about this in a separate video. Let me just pull out everything. So it’s the other selfie stick. That is the connector pole. These are the clips with the phone holders. That’s it.

What I really I guess learned from this episode or this part of the Kickstarter and something that I’ve sort of done in the past is that I think you need to just start testing. Pull together a makeshift prototype of whatever it is that you are trying to create and go out and test it. Even if you only have a component of it, go test that because for me, I already have so many changes like this sample that’s just arrived is already obsolete because just from my makeshift prototype that I went and tested on this weekend, I already have so many changes that I want to make. Definitely, don’t get hung up on designing what you think is the perfect product until you’ve actually gone out into the wild and tested it because it’s probably more than likely not perfect and until you actually go out and see what it’s like when you’re really not going to know.

This week, I have my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to film and test this new prototype but I will try and keep the momentum going. Ironically, what Tigby has just stolen is another concept I have a separate Kickstarter. I’m not even like all the way into this one and I’ve already got an idea for another Kickstarter. Crazy! Anyway, as I was saying, sorry this is the worst ending to this episode.

As I was saying, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday so I just don’t know how much I am going to be able to do in terms of the project I have. I’m so like scared actually about going and getting them out and going in to the hospital to get them done, but people have been telling me like all sorts of different stories like oh I was totally fine, I was eating steak the next day and other people like I couldn’t eat like two or three weeks and I couldn’t do anything. I don’t know which one I’m going to be. I could be totally fine and back to work or I might not have the ability to keep working.

What I’m going to do now is walk my dog because he’s obviously is antsy and wants me to play with him. Catch up on all my vlogs because there’s no reception at the farm so I didn’t get to watch all my regular vlogs from all people that I loved watching and then I need to edit some of my own videos. That is the plan.

If you found this video helpful please like it so I know to make more similar videos like this and if you’re new to watching me you might not know that this Kickstarter video is part of a series which I will put a link to the playlist here, but right now I have to go and get my dog some attention.