This first meeting is time turning into a total non-event. Pretty much I started the Skype call at 6:30 as was planned and then he was like I thought we were texting. I was like why would I want to do a Skype meeting with text you, I would have just emailed you. I want to do a video meeting and he was like oh I don’t have a headphone and I don’t have a video. I was like well, I want to do a video meeting. Now, this is not uncommon because what often happens—

I noticed I think that your factory is not as far as Guangzhou. It’s sort of closer to Hong Kong. Your closest airport is Shenzhen Airport. What is your closest seaport? I actually have a product that I want to manufacture, my own design. Are you the owner of the factory or do you do the sales? I don’t have the artwork but I can show you an example of what I’ve been designing. I cut the bottom off—yes and then what would happen is there would be a clip on it. Thank you for working with me to speak on the video. I really appreciate it.

Okay, so I ended up just having the Skype meeting and actually went really well. I think I was cut off when I was saying to you that he was saying oh I don’t have like headphones and I don’t have video and it sort of just all excuses to not do like a Skype call. It’s like catfish like if they don’t want a video call you, then like run. They’ve got to video call you.

I persevered I was well, sorry, I really want to work with a factory that I can communicate with on a regular basis and if you can’t Skype me then, sorry, I can’t work with you. Just cut and dry. I’m not going to take crap essentially. You need to communicate with me effectively. I should explain that the reason why they don’t want to Skype is either they aren’t really the factory or it could be a dodgy setup or whatever which was not the case with this guy. What happened was that he does not have very good English. He prefers to be able to read the message and then respond.

The problem with that is it’s so difficult to communicate in that sort of manner like backwards and forwards. I was like no, no, I really want to Skype and so luckily, he ended sending me like some audio text being like hey I can send you audio text and I was like no, I want to be able to see you. Let me know we can video chat. Then he sends me a video on selfie sticks and he’s like oh I send that video from my iPhone and I was like if you have an iPhone, why can’t you Skype? Then he’s like oh okay and so all of a sudden called me which is what happened when I was interrupted.

The meeting went actually went really good. Like I said before, we did not get into the nitty-gritty. I just did it a bit of intro, just getting to know him. He’s worked for the company for two years. How long the company existed for? Just fact-checking as well like they listed a certain amount of employees on their website and then that ended up being different and he’s like oh, it was seasonal but as soon as I was just showing him, I’m checking, I’m doing my research the same way that you looked at my YouTube channel and whatever. I did my research on you. We only got to the point where I showed him my content of having this overhead like rig sort of thing. The thing is that like when you’re working with China, they could be so literal. So this mocked up version that I showed him, he’s trying to work out whether he can replicate that. I’m like no, this is just to show you what I’m trying to achieve, but I want a better solution like is there something else.

What he is going to do now is speak to the factory workers and see if there’s some sort of existing solution to do this. The alternative is that I could literally create a component from scratch which will require a mould, which will cost between like US$1,000 and $1,500. For me, I just feel like the same way that I rigged up like a dodgy solution just with like bits and pieces from my studio, I feel like they probably have the components in the factory that could do it and it’s just a matter of actually piecing it all together and this is where sometimes it’s so frustrating when you’re not actually at the factory to just be able to like see what’s there.

What I’ve said to him now is that please go away and come up with some suggestions and let’s schedule another Skype meeting. Hopefully, he will respond to me in the next couple of days and in the interim, I am still waiting to hear back from the other factories because I definitely want to make sure that I speak to a few factories because they may think of like different ideas and solutions as well. There may be a better connection there. That was my first meeting done and in the end, I got there and so it wasn’t so bad.

Next step is probably going to be that I’m obviously going to keep talking to the factories, but I’m actually going up to Emma’s farm next Friday. She’s going to do some amazing flat lays epic cheese boards and all of that stuff. I’m going to test out this like sort of makeshift rig that I’ve done and I will probably make that in the next video that I’ll show you guys unless something happens in the interim.

I will definitely make sure to keep you updated on this journey as I’m going along with it. If you like this video please like it so that I know to make more videos like it. If you want to watch more videos from me, I obviously am doing this Kickstarter project, but I make videos about the video and so you can watch all sorts of things on my YouTube channel. I upload every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but I’ve been uploading a lot so I don’t have a schedule at the moment. I hope to see in my next video.