Hi! It’s Elyse from Synopoly. Your synopsis of everything to do with video. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. If you watched my last video which was all about how I came up with the idea for my Kickstarter project, you’ll know that I decided to share some video diary that I had filmed the day that I had come up with the idea. I kind of really liked that because I felt like it was really raw and just showed the reality of me coming up with the idea. That day, I also happened to make like a bit of a makeshift prototype, which I also filmed as well.

What I want this episode to be is me sharing the video diary of the day from me putting together this makeshift prototype. It’s something that I’m a really, really big believer and is not getting too stuck in the design and planning phase. I just think that your perception of what the ideal product is probably not going to actually be the reality. For me, it didn’t matter like how I pieced it together so long as the outcome was the same. If it could do the functionality that I wanted it to, then I could sort of work backwards and be like oh, this clip isn’t right or I want to change this or I want to change that.

I’ll put in footage from the video diary now:

I’m going to go ahead and cut the corner off this one. I got this with one of my other (inaudible) I’m using right now with some superglue. There. Making a makeshift pole here and I probably need to buy some of the flexed screws. Let me see how it looks.

As you can see, I attached them on to that. Then I’ve got this makeshift cling up sort of thing going on. I think it’s a bit like a barbecue. I think it needs to be something more simple like this. It’s something that I just realized (inaudible) the ability to like swivel this. If you want the front leg go that way or this way—I think that’s important right because (inaudible). Not really, I guess it could just do it the same way. I feel like I needs to be a little bit bigger.

I hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes of me putting together the prototype for my Kickstarter idea. I actually that very same day as well reached out to some factories in the hope that I would find someone. I had a factory respond and I ended up having my first Skype meeting with them on the Monday. I came up with the idea on the Thursday and by the Monday I was already having my first meeting with a factory.

That is what my next video in this series is going to be. I’m actually going to share the footage of me having the meeting with the factory and just talking a little bit more about how I normally do sourcing because if you’re not familiar with me, actually I have another company where we manufacture custom jackets,  so I have a little bit of experience on manufacturing products in China.

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