Hi! I’m about to do a Facebook Live and the topic is “How to do a Facebook Live”. I’m showing the Likeminded Bitches Drinking Wine Facebook group that it’s super easy to do a Facebook Live. I’m just doing it from my house and I’m using no equipment. I’m just going to be using my phone. Let me show you my backdrop.

Let me show you my fancy set. This is my (inaudible) room. It usually just has a chair in front of this nice piece of art. Then this is my very fancy tripod with my speaking notes stuck to it and the candle is how I’m going to hold my frame in place. I’ll check back with you once I’ve started.
Hi everyone! It’s Elyse from Exodus Wear. I’m here to do a Facebook Live on the topic of “How to do a Facebook Live”. We’ve got out set. We’ve got our date and time locked in.

The third thing we need to do via Facebook Live is set a topic. Now, you might be thinking, ugh, I’ve only started my business or haven’t even started a business, and so I don’t have any expertise to share. Even I felt like that until very recently even though I’ve been in the business for nine years. I think you just have to have an (inaudible) about what it is that you’re knowledgeable, that you could share that information. For me, I will just like we’re making jackets. Other people do it. There’s nothing innovative about it. But what I realise was that we had sort of taken over the whole supply chain like we’d set up our own Hongkong company and we’re looking after the freight aspect, we’re manufacturing directly in factories, and so I had actually got a little load of information over the years that I really didn’t realise that I had and I can’t even remember how I worked out that I knew this information. I’m guessing someone probably asked me just some advice and I gave it to them and then I realise that I actually knew a little bit more than I expected.

The next thing that I would recommend doing is actually practising 10-minute presentation to do a Facebook Live. It’s something that I was (inaudible) when I did my Facebook Live was that no one was that no one was even going to watch it and no one will ask questions. And so I will be sitting here and be like hey, anybody have any questions to ask and no one will ask questions and I’d be so embarrassed. What I did instead is I did a 10-minute presentation that I could practice and rehearse that I could feel comfortable with it so then that way when I did it on the actual day and having notes and everything. It just meant that for the first 10 minutes, you gave people the chance to join the Facebook Live because often people get notified and they might be (inaudible) and can’t join it straight away.

The other thing is it gives you 10 minutes to get over your nerves because it can be a bit nerve-wracking doing it your first time. That’s a really good thing. The other thing is that it might actually address some of the questions that some people were going to have anyway. To provide you to sort of put those things in so then that way, later one, you might have already answered some of the questions.

Now, when it comes to questions, something that I learned at the first Facebook Live is that you really probably need to have an assistant just in case your Facebook Live goes off and there’s heaps of questions. I didn’t prepare for that. I thought I was going to be reading the questions in my laptop while I was doing the Facebook Live. And because there were so many questions coming in, what would happen is it will be filtered by more recent and so I’ll be reading the most recent one at the top and then a new one would come in and I couldn’t find your question and so luckily, Emma was with me. I’m pretty sure she just jumped in to help me. She would help me is she would look at the questions over the phone and group them together so that I may be able to answer a couple of questions all in one beat. When I would answer a question, she would like it so then that way, we knew I had answered it and then she could start working on the next set of questions while I was answering those.

Because we didn’t plan it last time, Emma was sort of sitting off to the side of me so I spent a lot of the video looking this way because that’s where she was sitting. This time, I’ve sat down behind my camera so that when she asked me the question, I’ll be looking into the camera which I think is a lot better.

Another idea that I was thinking that you could possibly do is if you’ve got someone who’s like oh, I’m happy to help but have my voice and I don’t ask the questions, I’m too nervous, they could copy and paste the questions that are being asked from the Facebook on to a Google Doc or something like that and then once you’re ready to start answering the questions, you can just read through them and answer them yourself.

Now, the last thing in regards to the Facebook Live is that I think you need to keep your mind that just because you’re doing a Facebook Live and it might be a half an hour long, it doesn’t mean that it ends at half an hour. Something that I found is that people still find my Facebook Live and will ask some questions and they’ll reach out to me and want information or they want to talk one-on-one. So be prepared if you are going to do a Facebook Live that it may not just be (inaudible) and you’re willing to help people on an ongoing basis.

The very last step that you need or you don’t need to do but I recommend that you do is you can actually save your video. It’s really good so that you have a copy of it for future reference but also you may be able to repost some of the content on other platforms if you want to do that.
That’s my tips and tricks on how to run a Facebook Live. Thanks so much! Have a great Sunday night everyone! Thank you Emma!