Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Today, I’m going to be telling you about the best selfie stick I have found for smartphone vlogging. The very first piece of smartphone vlogging equipment I bought was a selfie stick. Now, I learned very quickly that all selfie sticks are not created equal. I went and bought this selfie stick for $30 I think it was and within 24 hours had to go buy this selfie stick, which was about $60. What I’m going to be doing in this video is sharing with you guys what I think you need to look out for in selfie sticks if you’re looking to buy one for smartphone vlogging.

The very first thing you need to look out for does it have a tripod either attached or with the option to attach it. Now, these two selfie sticks had the option to attach them so they can come off, but let me tell you the one that was $30, it’s just like rubbish essentially. It’s got this locking feature. It’s meant to have this locking feature so that your stick doesn’t move around, but it actually just doesn’t even work so I’d find myself putting the stick on something and then it would just be tilting from the weight of the phone. You want to make sure that you have the option of having a tripod because I think it’s really good. You’re going to want to film yourself and talk to the camera. I think a lot of the terms you may want to set up a shot where you’ve got your camera stationary and you might be walking past or you might be filming something else that’s happening or even talking to the camera and having a tripod really helps in that situation.

The second thing you want to look out for is whether or not your selfie stick is compatible with more than just your smartphone. This one that I have actually has the option to take off the top and it’s compatible with GoPro, which is really good especially if you are doing some travel vlogging because you’re probably are going to use a GoPro at some point especially if you’re doing some sort of adventurous holidays and so having a selfie stick that’s really versatile, that allows you to change the top is definitely what you want to look out for.

The third thing you want to look out for is how low can you go? These are both of my selfie sticks without the tripod attached and all the way as compact as they possibly can go. The cheaper one is almost double the size as you can see, which if you’re travelling or even just vlogging, in general, having to carry around equipment with you can be quite laborious. You want to make sure that it’s as small as possible. This fits in my handbag, which is absolutely fantastic.

The fourth thing you want to look out for is whether or not it’s got a removable remote. The great thing about both of these selfie sticks is that it does have a removable remote, but what I found with the cheaper one is that it has a tendency to slip out of the casing because it’s just got this sort of thing that slips into. Whereas the $60 selfie stick actually has this clip on and so I found it was much stronger and didn’t really fall off. Whereas when this was in my bag, I found that the remote would fall off. But I think it’s definitely important to have a removable remote because if you have one of those selfie sticks where you’ve only got the button to press photos, it sort of really restricts what you can do with the selfie stick. Whereas having a removable remote means that you can set up a shot and take a photo of yourself with a nice background or something like that. It’s super important if you’re vlogging because you may want to take some nice thumbnails to use later on when you’re uploading to YouTube.

The other great thing is that you can always leave the remote at home because keep in mind it doesn’t actually work for video. You’re going to have to start and stop your video on your smartphone anyway. If you’re not going to take photos, maybe just leave this at home and save yourself the extra hassle of carrying it.

The fourth thing you want to check on your selfie stick is its locking action. For me, this $60 one it really looks really strong, which is great because once you put something heavier on it, sometimes I have found that with different selfie sticks, I have another one where it sort of just starts slowly, slowly sinking. This one’s not too bad because it has this tripod looking attachments to it, but the only thing is it’s really bulky.

Something that I should have mentioned in terms of the stick is to measure how far it goes. This one is really long like really long. I’ll compare it. I can’t even fit it all into the one shot. This one is definitely shorter. It’s probably about half the size, but you just need to keep in mind do you really need to be that far away using a selfie stick? Probably at that length, you’re going to see the selfie stick in the shot, which is not what you want so probably better off in that situation if you really need a far away shot to just put the camera down on the tripod somewhere else.

Step 5 relates to step 4 which is pretty much just about quality in general. When you’re having a look for a selfie stick it’s probably like I know you might be looking at buying online but if you can buy in person, it does help because just holding the grip like this has a nice foam grip. This one’s much bulkier, good to hold, having a look at the attachment top and seeing how that goes. I had a few issues where even with this one it sort of would just start sinking like I mentioned with that other one that I had as well, I noticed when I had heavier things on this one, it started to sink.

If you’re interested to know I’m the one that I ended up going with, it is the Cygnett GoStick. This video is not sponsored by Cygnett. I just wanted to let you know that’s what I ended up purchasing. I got it from JV Hi-Fi in Australia. I think it was $59.99. Not bad considering it was just double the price of this one, but honestly this one lasted me 24 hours and I had to go buy a new one anyway.

I hope this video helped you in terms of picking your own selfie stick for smartphone vlogging. If it was helpful, I really appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up. If you want to hear more videos from me about video, then consider subscribing because I upload every Monday Friday and sometimes Wednesdays I do some extra vlogging. I hope to see in my next video. Bye.