If you have read my previous post on why you should rent your first YouTube camera you will know that I ended up renting the Canon 70D to be my first YouTube studio camera. In this post, I want to go further into depth on why I chose the Canon 70D. I should start by saying I am not a very technical person and don’t know a lot about cameras. In particular, I am not very familiar with DSLR’s and most of my video recording up until this point had been done on traditional video cameras or GoPros. I had filmed a few videos for work and this is where I first used a DSLR for a studio style video.

When it comes to vlogging I think you should use your smartphone as your vlog camera but for videos shot in a studio style set-up, I think the quality needs to be a lot better. This has to do with the fact that you are more often than not sitting stationary and talking to the camera. You can’t distract viewers with interesting things happening in your video which may be the case when vlogging. Instead, they are watching you intently and so poor video quality is a lot easier to notice and may make them decide to stop watching. So that is why I went with a DSLR. DSLR is also more versatile than traditional video cameras because I can also use the camera to take the photos for my video thumbnails.

I had already decided I wanted to rent so I started by looking through all the different camera rental companies and seeing what cameras they stocked. I found CameraCorp and thought that their prices and rental periods looked the best so I went into their DSLR section, filtered by novice and this brought up about 5 options – 4 canons and 1 sony. As I mentioned I am not really technical so looking at the specs wasn’t going to help me. Instead, I decided to choose based on popularity and to determine the most popular cameras Youtubers use I checked out kit.com. If you don’t know what kit.com you check out this post.

I then searched the models on kit.com and found that the most popular was the Canon 70D. It was found in 289 kits whereas the 700D was in 87 kits and the rest were only in 1 or 2 kits. It was so overwhelmingly popular with YouTubers I figured it must be popular for a reason. I also know that Casey Neistat raves about the Canon 70D. Casey Neistat is one of the most well known Youtube vloggers and so his recommendation alone was enough to convince me. If you are like me and not sure what camera to use I hope sharing this with you helped.

I am only a few weeks into using the Canon 70D so I am not ready to give a comprehensive review yet but wanted to share my initial purchase process. I will upload a complete review at a later date.