One of the best ways to improve the editing quality of your videos is to add copyright music. However, it can be challenging to find good royalty free music. Sometimes I have found picking the right song has taken longer than editing the actual video. For this reason, I am always on the lookout for high-quality royalty free music and when I come across a good track I save the link to a spreadsheet so when I need a song I have a lot of options ready to go. Below are some of the ways I find my royalty free music for my videos.

  • Royalty Free Music Websites

One of the most obvious places to look for copyright free music is on Royalty Free Music websites. Some of my favourites are:

  1. AudioJungle 
  2. Premium Beat
  3. AudioMicro
  4. Free Music Archive
  5. Vimeo Music Store 
  6. Epidemic Sound 
  7. No Copyright Sounds
  8. ccMixter 

The main negative with Royalty Free music websites is that there are so many songs, a lot of which aren’t great. This makes finding a good track like a needle in a haystack. Browsing is also cumbersome where you have to browse, click and preview one song at a time.

  • Royalty Free Music YouTube Channels

This is actually one of my favourite ways to find music. You can subscribe to channels and be notified as soon as a new song is added. You can also have the playlists playing in the background while you do other things and then when you hear a song you like you can add it to your playlist. If you want to find the most popular songs for a channel you can easily use the filter for most popular or if you want to see the most recent song you can filter by that as well. Below are some of my favourite Royalty Free Music YouTube Channels:

  1. Vlog No Copyright Music
  2. YouTubers Music – No Copyright Music 
  3. Unity Music
  4. No Copyright Sounds 
  5. Audio Library – Free Music 
  6. Music for Creators 
  7. No Copyright Music
  8. Audio Library – No Copyright Music 
  • Streaming Websites 

Streaming sites like Spotify wouldn’t seem like the most logical place to look for Royalty Free Music but there are specific playlists that have been created with Royalty Free Music. You can listen to these while working out, driving and when you hear a song you like add it to your own playlist to come back to later. Below are some of my favourite playlists:

  1. No Copyright Sounds
  2. Copyright Free Music Catalogue
  • Soundcloud Creative Commons Section

Soundcloud gives creators the ability to specify how their music can be used. There is an option creators can tick for their music to be used commercially and on the track page they will specify how they want to be created in your video. For YouTube it is normally in the description and they will provide the text they want you to use.

Click here to search the  Soundcloud ‘to use commercially’ section

  • Vlogs and YouTube videos 

If you are using your videos to make vlogs chances are you are already a Youtube fan and watch your own favourite vloggers. This is the case for me and when I hear a song I like I check the description to see if they put the song details. If not, I Shazam the song and then find where it is available to purchase.


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