If you have read some of my previous posts you would see that I am a big advocate vlogging with your smartphone camera when you start out and not investing into any fancy equipment. Viewers tend to be more forgiving of poorer quality footage when it is shot vlog style; however, when you are filming a video in a studio style set-up the expectation from viewers is for a higher quality video. This probably comes from the fact that you are often stationary and talking to the camera for most of the video as opposed to moving about in a vlog.

I am in the process of setting up my home YouTube studio because I know one of the ways to remain consistent with Youtube is to have a filming set-up ready to go at all times. I compared options of buying new, buying second hand and also renting different cameras. After a lot of research, I decided to hire the Canon 70D DSLR through CameraCorp for $62 per month plus $5 per month for insurance with a 3-month minimum. At the time of writing this Canon has already released 80D so the 70D has been discontinued.

At the time of writing this Canon has already released 80D so the 70D has been discontinued. The 80D costs $1,600 and second-hand 70D’s are still around $1,000 depending on the lens included. When I did the maths I worked out that I could rent the 70D for over a year and still not spend the same amount as buying. Plus I could get the camera straight away without having to save up. Technology also becomes obsolete so quickly and so in 12 months time I may find that I want to upgrade and would be left with a camera that I would have to try and sell to buy a new one. The great thing about renting is that at any time I can choose to buy out the camera but because my focus is on trying out as many different cameras as possible I would much rather change cameras every couple of months.

If you are just starting out and don’t want to be locked into a 3-month contract a great idea is to hire a camera for the weekend and batch film as many videos as you can. To hire a Canon 70D for the weekend from Camera Hire only costs $70. So both options cost the same monthly but you are not locked into a 3-month minimum when you hire for the weekend only. If you are not someone who is going to use your camera every month than this is a great option.

I am going to be sharing the whole journey of setting up my home YouTube studio in a vlog so to be notified on when that will be released consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.