Introducing Watch

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Facebook has just introduced Watch in the US. Watch is a new, redesigned tab on Facebook that’s built for watching shows. The idea is to allow more community engagement when watching shows, utilising Facebook’s communities and ‘reactions’ in order to build a more interactive viewing experience.

Videos easily spread through Facebook through sharing and tagging, Facebook has decided to extend this to longer videos through Watch. This helps users to keep up to date with the shows that they follow, see new episodes and see what other people are watching.

There are sections like ‘most talked about’, ‘what’s making people laugh’ and ‘what friends are watching’. This allows for a better discovery of new shows and what you might like to watch. Since reactions and comments are almost as entertaining as the Facebook posts themselves, Facebook has integrated these elements into Watch.

According to Facebook, shows that will be successful on Watch are:

  • Shows that engage fans and community 
  • Live shows that connect directly with the fans 
  • Shows that follow a narrative arc and have consistent themes
  • Live events that bring communities together

We look forward to seeing Watch rollout all over the world in the future. Hopefully this feature can be utilised effectively by content creators and more interactive and communal watching can take place via Facebook Watch.

Are you excited to see this new feature unfold? Leave a comment letting us know.