A few months ago, the annual Code Conference went underway in California. Presenting her 2017 annual report, Mary Meeker gave us a handful of crucial marketing insights for anybody wishing to utilise the current social media and marketing trends for their own business. And so what did she discover this year?

Mary Meeker Marketing Report 2017


Her results were not surprising, yet still massive:

  • Much of the 22% growth of advertising in the United States came from mobile, rather than desktop. Which underpins the growing influence of social media apps, and mobile friendly marketing!


  • It wasn’t a shock to reveal that Facebook and Google contributed a whopping 85% of all digital advertising growth in the United States.


  • The report underpinned the challenges faced by social media advertisers, such as measuring Return on Investment (61%) as well as securing budget and resources and tying social movements and campaigns to business goals.


  • American adults now spend nearly 6 hours a day on digital media, mostly on their mobile but 2 hours are reserved for desktop and laptop use.


  • E-commerce, gaming, voice recognition and mobile entertainment are all on the rise!


  • There are now 2.6 billion “gamers” in the world, compared to the meagre 100 million back in 1995. If this trend continues will we be a planet of “gamers” by 2050? Does this mean advertisers should now utilise gaming culture to advertise? Could we see Crash Bandicoot cooling down with a Coca-Cola or Pepsi in the future?


  • And finally, Meeker comments on the growing power and rivalry between US and Chinese companies. But for those worried about a financial trade war between the two countries, she says not to fear. It will only increase competition between companies, which will be better off for the consumer!

We aim to give you all the valuable insights from Meeker’s 355 slide powerpoint, but if you want to examine the data for yourself, just follow the link above. Does this raise some interesting revelations of where the marketing industry is heading? Why not comment below, or use the hashtag #synoply and get the conversation flowing!