The launch of Instagram stories had one of the biggest impacts in social media video in the last 12 months and it has left many people asking what’s next in social video? At Synoply we are constantly monitoring video trends and predict that the next big thing in social media video is going to be co-streaming. In fact, we are already seeing many examples of co-streaming in social media apps and in gaming.

What is co-streaming?

Co-streaming is merging the live-stream of multiple users. The number of users depends on the platform you are using. It creates a single broadcast that can then be watched by viewers.

Examples of co-streaming:

  • Duomov iPhone App 

We first saw co-streaming in social media with an iphone app which launched in June called Duomov which allows you and a friend to stream together in a split-screen set-up. The most common example for use of Duomov is at concerts where you and a friend can be filming the same concert from different perspectives and then live co-stream your content. The only thing is you both need to be connected to

The great thing about Duomov is that you can then share your co-stream across multiple social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Below is a basic overview of how it works:

Duomov live co-streaming video app

  • Snapchat Crowdsurf

Snapchat just recently announced the launch of their new co-streaming feature called Crowdsurf which will only be available at certain large scale events. Instead of working on a split screen model the live video jumps from user to user to give different perspectives. The videos used are selected by a Snapchat controlled algorithm so even if you submit your footage there is no guarantee it will be used. One question we are left with is what concert promoters are going to think about this feature. It really does give you a pretty good stream of a concert without having to pay the hefty ticket price. Below is an example of a Snapchat Crowdsurf at a Lorde concert:

  • Instagram

Instagram is also testing out a co-streaming feature to their Live stories functionality. The feature is currently still in testing and not available for all users. Once it is it will be as simple as clicking on the two smiley faces shown below and you can select who you want to go live with.

  • Facebook Live Co-stream with the Mentions App 

Facebook currently only offers their live co-streaming to Facebook verified accounts and the person you want to go live with has to be watching you live in the Mentions app. We doubt it will be long before this feature rolls out to all users.

how to facebook live co-stream mentions app

  • Xbox One co-stream using Mixer

For gamers, you can co-stream on On Xbox One. It is possible to have up to 4 people merge their screens into one single broadcast. On each of the user’s channels, it will show the broadcast and viewers are able to live chat and interact with each other while watching the broadcast. Mixer will be a direct competitor to which is currently the number 1 live streaming platform for video games.

The future of co-streaming

Co-streaming makes a lot of sense to us. More and more content is being created every minute of the day but we are not gaining any extra minutes in our daily lives. Therefore, we have to try and find a more efficient way to watch all of the content we are interested in. Watching a co-stream could be the answer for this. For creators collaboration has always been an effective medium of growing your audience and we see co-streaming as a really effective method for collaboration in the future.