In a recent study undertaken by the New York-based video producing company Animoto, it was revealed that up to 64% of customers admit that they were influenced by promotional videos displayed on their Facebook feed. The study surveyed 1,000 consumers and up to 500 marketers to come up with its statistics.

The Power of Video

Social Media: A Marketer’s Dream

If you own a business or you are a marketer by trade, and you haven’t begun to utilise Facebook video and other social media platforms to sell, sell, sell then you need to have a long hard think especially if this new study is anything to go by. They study revealed that 81% of marketers are already rapidly including social media into their interaction with everyday consumers. Not even that, 39% of marketers are already constructing the square and vertical videos, which as we all know, are perfect for newsfeed scrolling on our mobile devices.

And with the majority of people using mobile devices to surf the net, and marketers clearly understanding this, if you are of yet to jump on the bandwagon, do so quickly because the competition is already white-hot!

Silence is Golden

The study also revealed some surprising results. Whoever said you needed wild sound effects and catchy jingles to attract customers was clearly living in a different era, as it’s shown that silence actually attracts more potential customers than intriguing sounds and effects.

The study revealed that up to a whopping 85% of Facebook videos are played with the sound off, and a further 39% of customers will watch the end of the video if the video has included subtitles. Now, this might seem confusing at first but this makes perfect sense if you think of it in your own perspective. If you are like me when you’re surfing your newsfeed, especially in public and you happen across a video, the majority of the time I don’t click on it, and it plays automatically without sound regardless. Sometimes I play it to the end even without sound, and if there are subtitles and it looks interesting enough I am usually more engaged.

And it is often in these crucial introductory seconds that attracts the customer. Up to 43% of consumers are hooked or not after the first 15 seconds, and up to 83% have made a decision as to close the video or not after only 30 seconds. And this attention span is even shorter when people are using their mobile devices, naturally.  So, marketers have to guarantee that the first 30 seconds is engaging enough to implore the viewer to keep watching…yikes!

What Videos are the Most Desired?

The study revealed that 60% of customers will watch educational videos for more than a minute, 55% will watch entertainment videos for more than a minute, that 50% of consumers will watch the news and current events for that time period. So, for a video to have the best chance of hooking the viewer it has to be current, educational and entertaining!

The infographic displaying all statistics revealed in this study is shown below:

The Power of Video