A couple of days ago I ran a Facebook Live on the topic of ‘How to run a Facebook Live’ for the private Facebook Group ‘Like Minded B*tches Drinking Wine’ which has over 40,000 members. I ran the Facebook Live in their group page of which I am a member. At the end  I wanted to copy the link to the post with the Facebook Live so that I could get back to the post easily in the future. While there are the options to Share with Friends, Share on your Timeline, Share on a Friends Timeline, Share in a Group, Share in an Event, Share on a Page you Manage and Share in a Private Message there was no basic ‘Copy Link’ option. I had a quick search on the internet to see if there were any how-to guides but wasn’t able to find anything. In the end I was able to copy the link using this work around which I thought may be helpful to share:

  1. Find the post with the Facebook Live video. If this is on a private group or page you will need to search the group or page for your name until you locate the post
  2. Play the video and an option of ‘Click for More’ will appear How to link to a facebook live video step 1
  3. The video will expand in your current window and you will now see a Share option. Click Send as a MessageHow to link to a facebook live video step 2
  4. Send the message to yourself. You don’t need to write anything
  5. The link to the video will now be in a pop-up messenger box near the bottom of your screen How to link to a facebook live video step 3
  6. When you click on that link it will take you to the direct URL of your Facebook Live video which you can now copy from the navigation bar and save

How to link to a facebook live video step 4

While I am happy to have found a work around it does seem silly that you can’t just copy the link for your post. If you have worked out a better way to copy the link to your Facebook Live post please comment below with the steps.