Over a year ago, Facebook released it’s broadcasting feature Facebook Live. Basically, it allows you to broadcast live videos from any of your devices logged into Facebook, broadcasting it to all your friends and other Facebook’s users. Overall, the addition was a success to the company itself as engagement is three times that of traditional video streaming and overall, the popularity of live video streaming has increased by 16%.

But how do you broadcast, find and watch these live videos? Though simple enough, it does take some skill for those not familiar with the feature’s layout.

The Deal with Facebook Live


3…2…1…You’re Live:

  1. On your News Feed click the small red Facebook Live button. It looks like a tiny camera, similar to a Youtube icon.
  2. Allow Facebook to gain access to your Camera. A box will most likely pop up, asking you if it doesn’t have access already.
  3. Choose your privacy setting: If you just want to spread a quick heartfelt message to your friends just click Friends (and you can choose to exclude people). If you’re going Live for your own brand or business, click Public.
  4. Choose an interesting description to attract attention, making sure people know what the Live video is about.
  5. Using the icons above the keyboard, you can tag your friends for support, and choose your location.
  6. Make sure the camera is all set up, whether the camera is facing the right way, and decide whether you want to hold it, get someone else to film or place it on a stable surface. You can also add filters if it’s just tongue and cheek.
  7. Click the blue “Go Live” button and express what you need to!
  8. When you are filming you can see the comments that your supporters and viewers are leaving so don’t forget to engage with them to encourage a positive response. Otherwise, what’s the point of going live? If there are any hateful comments you can easily block them by tapping their profile picture and selecting block when it comes up.
  9. When you’re down, click Finish to end the video.
  10. After you’ve ended you’ll have to choice to post it on your Timeline as a normal video, and you can download it, so you can view it later. It is a good idea to download it so you can share the video on other platforms like YouTube.
  11. You can always go back and edit the description of the video on your Timeline and delete it if you have second thoughts.
The Deal with Facebook Live


How Do I Watch Live?

So now that you know how to make your own Live video, how do you find Live streams you want to watch for business or pleasure?

Most of the time, if you follow someone, like a page, or are friends with someone, whenever they go Live, you’ll get a notification, If you follow that notification it will take you directly to the video stream. However, how to find something you’re not particularly looking for?

Facebook Live Map is a feature on the website that allows you to locate public live streams all across the globe. By hovering over the location, you can see a preview and you follow the link by clicking it. The more you zoom into a location, the more Live streams pop up in that selected area. You can also search #live in your Facebook browser alongside the company/celebrity you’re looking for, to locate any current or old live videos.

When you are watching a video you can show your affection (or annoyance) by doing exactly what you do for any other video or photo. Except with live you can add more than one response. You’ll see little likes and love hearts floating across the screen when other people respond to the video, along with yours. You can type a comment too, and more are added in real time as you watch! But keep in mind, the person broadcasting the video can see the comment right away, so make sure to be respectful!

The Deal with Facebook Live