Hi! Welcome back to my channel and happy Saturday. Tonight, I am having a dinner party of my friends and it’s going to be an Italian-themed dinner party. Now, I’m by no means am I like a great chef. I’m actually not very good cook at all, but I do enjoy hosting parties and having people over. So I thought I would take you along with me for the day and show you like what I buy, what I cook and all of that good stuff, but I’m pretty lucky because I live in Sydney in the West and so we have some of the most amazing like delis and fruit shops and stuff like that so I have some really good places to start to buy ingredients.

And the first place I’m actually going to start is at Lamonica in Haberfield. It’s just probably like the best deli/grocery store like I’ve ever seen. And then I will also be buying my pasta and pasta sauces from here. So Haberfield has two stores dedicated just to making handmade pasta and sauce. So everyone always talks about Leichhardt being like Little Italy and that’s true for like eating out if you want to buy or eat an Italian restaurant. Leichhardt’s really good, but to buy Italian like handmade pasta, Haberfield is the place to go.

But I will take you with me now and show you inside the stores and I also should mention this is my very first vlog on my Google Pixel 2 so I hope it looks good. Let me know what you think if you prefer it to the iPhone. I’m still getting used to it. I set it up last night. I probably will do a review once I’ve used it a little bit more and that you guys know what I think the comparison to the iPhone.


So I’ve got my pasta and pasta sauce. I got minced meat for lasagna and parmesan where they take the block and they grate it for you. It’s just so good. But I wanted to point out that the deli behind me (inaudible). It’s also really good.

I’ll be going into Papa’s to get some dessert.


And then I’m going to go to the fruit shop and just get stuff for like salads and everything, but let me show you what I got. So I got this creamy mushroom sauce. Oh my god, it’s amazing. Literally, it tastes like the sauce that you get our restaurants. I honestly reckon that maybe restaurants supply this because it tastes so good. Literally, I’ll just microwave it.

This tortellini, it literally only takes four to six minutes to cook. So I’ll save that just before everyone arrives because it’s going to be so quick to make. (Inaudible) and I’m going to make lasagna. So I’m going to make that soon and then just put in the fridge and then chuck it in the oven an hour before everyone comes because it’s just something that’s so easy to just have in the oven and it won’t go bad. Some parmesan cheese, freshly grated.

Two cakes because I couldn’t decide. So I got the like a fruit flan which is there’s a little bit of an inside joke in our group. And if there’s one thing like that you have to eat when you go to Papa’s, you have to get their ricotta, like their baked ricotta cheesecake. It’s what they’re famous for. Even just opening the box, it just smells delicious. So every time I go like I’m going to get something different and then I see this, I’m like no like I have to get it. But anyway that’s the update. For now, I’m going to the fruit shop. (Inaudible) some just regular stuff. And then I’ll be back to start the lasagna.


While my pasta sauce was cooking, I made the green salad and now I’m just going to finish making garlic bread. I already have the garlic butter, which is the (inaudible) recipe and then once I’ve got that wrapped in foil, I’ll put it in the fridge and then I will make my béchamel sauce, put together my lasagna, put that to the side, and then we’ll go get ready.


Alright, it got a bit chaotic there but everything is ready. Now I’m just waiting for first guests arrive and I’m going to quickly go and set the table.


It’s now the next day and I’m just in the backyard soaking up the beautiful weather. It’s such a nice day and you would have just seen, I finished having some leftovers from yesterday which was delicious. Everything was so good like everyone—I’m not a great cook but everyone complimented me and said that everything was really good. So everyone loved the garlic bread, yeah they loved everything. It’s super awesome.

I’m sorry I didn’t continue vlogging but you guys know that when I’m with my friends and family, I just like to be in the moment so as soon as everyone arrived, I literally just put my phone away and just yeah had a good time with my friends and honestly like yesterday is like my idea of fun like going out shopping for food and then cooking for my loved ones and then just having like a beautiful night at home.

So yeah, it’s a really, really fun night so I hope that you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes of getting the party ready. If you want any recommendations of where to buy food or I don’t know any like dinner party ideas or anything like that don’t hesitate to comment below, but for now, I hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you next time.