Good morning and welcome back to my channel. I have to start this video by apologizing for the fact that I haven’t been vlogging for the last couple of weeks. It’s been absolutely insane but also I guess good because Exodus Wear ended up having the biggest month we’ve ever had on record. So pretty much I just had to really focus on helping the team like close as many sales as we possibly could and so it meant I couldn’t vlog and I haven’t been able to work on the Kickstarter project which has been tough but obviously like I’m happy with the results that we achieved.

I’ve just come back from the long weekend. I’ve had a good Easter. And I’m feeling super refreshed. I feel like every weekend needs to be four days because it takes me like two days to wind down and then I feel like I can relax for two days, but I’m feeling recharged and really want to get back on track with my YouTube channel so I’m going to take you along for the week and show you what I got up to.

Today’s agenda is that I’m just going to be in the office for a little bit. Sorry, it’s like so messy but a bomb has hit in here. And then I’m going to go with one of our reps to two meetings with schools and then this afternoon, I have to just lock myself in the office and not move until I finish our financial analysis of March. So at the start of every month, I always go through and just check everything, like all the bills or sales, check all the margins of all the jobs from the previous month and then I’ll send that to my mentor and then on Friday. I will have a meeting with my accountant and just go through everything. So it’s really boring and I hate doing it, but it’s an important part of running a business. So I’m going to have to try and get that done today.

I’m pretty excited because I just got a delivery. Actually, I just got the Google Pixel 2. So after I think it’s like 10 or 11 years being an iPhone user, I’m actually jumping ship and I’m going to Google. It’s not something I had intended to do, but I ordered an iPhone X in November last year through Telstra and I still haven’t got it and apparently like I’ve been speaking to a lot of people about this Apple-like give hardly any stock to the retailers because they want people to go buy the phone directly through them. But I was like what’s the point when I can just have it on a plan so after five months of waiting I just was like no, cancel it. I will go with the Google Pixel and I went with the Google Pixel because pretty much everything we use for work is on Google.

So we use Gmail, Google Drive, and funny enough on my iPhone, I was using Chrome, I was using Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calendar. So I kind of thought it made sense to swap to that but I’m going to do probably a vlog next week with it and let you guys know what I think and do a review and funny enough, they also gave I don’t know how come but I go to Google home mini. So I’ll have to play around with that and let you guys know what I think about that too.


Morning! Today, I drove Robert off at the airport at 5 AM. So I decided to take advantage of the early morning and walked around the bay which was lovely and now I’m just clearing out my inbox before I get ready for the day and I noticed that today is actually the 12-month anniversary of when I registered Synoply as a business, which is very exciting. I can’t believe it’s been twelve months. So Digby and I are probably going to have a celebration tonight.


I ended up being at the office pretty late so I’m pretty exhausted. And then whenever (inaudible), I always struggled to like get motivated to cook. I’m just getting (inaudible) and Digby and I are having some a stimulating dinnertime conversation. Digby, stop licking! Digby, say hi! What were we talking about? Current events?


Hi! You may have noticed that I’ve tidied up a little bit behind me. I always get so frustrated when I have a mess. I just feel like I can’t work. So I tidied that up a bit and so I’m feeling good about that, but then I just had something frustrating happen. I thought I’d tell you guys about it because it might actually be helpful. So essentially, I need some work done on my website and my regular developer is not available right now and it’s urgent so I just hired someone on Upwork. They had like 100% success rating. Really great feedback and all that sort of stuff. So I said to her, can we have a Skype? I just want to talk you through what I need to be done and so it was 3:00, she jumped at the Skype but she was like oh hey sorry, I can’t accept your call because I don’t have headphones. Oh my god, here we go again.

Now you may have watch one of my previous videos where the like factory that I’m working with to do the Kickstarter project like this happened and to me, it’s always like warning bells when someone can’t communicate you like in this day and age, there’s no reason why someone shouldn’t be able to Skype with you. And so I was kind of like no it’s not acceptable like I need to be able to speak to you properly because especially like I am old school in general where I feel like nothing beats like face-to-face communication and when you kind of face-the-face, Skype is good.

And so in this situation, I wanted to talk it through how the user experience was meant to happen because I didn’t want to like write it out. Even though yeah that’s kind of like good and clear like I will do that afterwards but to me, sometimes like talking it through is the most effective way. So anyway, cut the long story short, I have given her until Monday to get headphones and we’ll give her a second chance to say if she follows through and it’s actually there.

The reason why she probably wasn’t is because she’s probably using like an I’m an individual freelancer profile, but she actually employs other people to do the work and so she probably told that person to like getting contacted me and like find out what I needed to be done, but I specifically didn’t hire an agency for that reason and because I wanted to speak directly with who I was working with. So yeah anyway, I decided to share that because if you ever hiring someone in like Upwork or something and like my first test with everything is always to Skype and if they can’t Skype like come dead like move on. Anyway, that’s how my day’s been.


Good morning. I’m in the city here in Hyde Park on my way to see my accountant, but as per usual before I go see her, I’m going to grab a bagel and tea from Starbucks. And then after I see my accountant, I’m just going to work from CUB the rest of the day.


Happy Saturday! I am just sitting in my car outside of 7-Eleven because I’m about to go in and recycle these cups. If you guys have watched my vlog before, you know that I love to get a take away tea, but I’ve always felt super guilty about the fact that you can’t recycle the cups and it’s kind of like pissing me off as well because I figure like you’ve got people like trying to colonize Mars and we can’t even like recycle takeaway cups, but (inaudible) like a truck driver or something came up with the idea of like using this chemical to separate the plastic from the cardboard and then you can recycle each part separately.

And so 7-Eleven has started an initiative where you can drop off your cups to get recycled so I just figured it’s a little thing that I can do that makes me feel a little less guilty about having so many takeaway teas. But I think apparently as well, they can also do like office collections if you’re in a large office. You could organize for them to come and get them for you. But I feel like I’m about to do like the walk of shame because I felt there are cups here. I feel I’m going to say maybe two weeks’ worth of cups, don’t know. So I’m going to go drop these off now.

All right, so I dropped off my cups and now I’m in Haberfield, but I’m going to end this vlog here because I’m actually going to do a dedicated vlog about today because I’m having a dinner party tonight with my friends and I thought it’d be fun to kind of just take you along for everything that I do like I’m going to do my shopping now and all that. So I’ll finish this vlog here but if you want to see the next vlog, please consider subscribing because I upload every three days. I see you then. Bye.