Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. I am so excited because today’s video is to share with you the final design of the Synoply Creator Kit which is what I’m going to be calling the rig product that you guys have seen that I’ve been testing. This process has actually taken five months and it cost me I think about $500 in samples. I’ll just show you some of the samples that I’ve actually had made but it’s definitely been a longer process than I expected. So I’m very happy to have finally reached this point.

I’m going to show you the final design other components but I’m going to ask if you can please watch until the end because I really need your help with trying to work out the price that I should charge. So I know my costs and I had put a margin on it and started telling you a few people the price and the feedback that I keep getting is that oh wow it’s a lot cheaper than I expected. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing so I kind of just wanted to put it out there and get a lot of feedback from people as to how much you think I should charge.

So first things first it comes in this awesome carry bag that you also have a shoulder strap with. Inside the carry bag, you get two selfie sticks one extendable connector pole, one phone holder and clip to attach the phone holder to the pole. You get three different types of attachments which you can use for the stands depending on what environment you’re working with. So you get two tripods, two clamps, and two suction cups. Lastly, you also get a remote.

There are so many different uses for the creator kit. So I’ll just go through a couple of them know what I am promoting it as is a rig that you can use for overhead filming or photography. So when it’s set up, it looks like this. You can use the selfie stick as a regular selfie stick and take photos of yourself using the remote, but I also use the selfie stick setup like this for vlogging.

You can add the tripod to the bottom of the selfie stick and create quite a tall stand. I’m sitting on a high bar stool so I’ll put a measurement of how tall this goes on the screen. Using it fully extended is great to have you know a tripod for filming YouTube videos or Facebook Lives. If you’re sitting at a desk you want something a bit smaller, you can just attach the phone holder direct to the tripod as well. The clamps are useful when you want to attach the kit to a table. In particular, the kit actually is the size of a standard restaurant table, so it’s really great if you’re doing like food photography of a new menu.

The suction cups are great for slippery surfaces like glass but I also attach my phone holder and then I will attach the suction cup to the glass of my windscreen and that’s how I get a lot of my (inaudible) while I’m vlogging. So I’ll often do a time-lapse of me driving so that you can kind of get an idea of moving from one scene to the next.

So that’s what it can do now like I said I know how much it cost me to make and roughly what I thought I was going to charge for it, but I’d love it if you would just comment below and tell me the first price that comes to mind of how much you’d expect to pay for a kit like that. I’d really appreciate your assistance on this.

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