Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. So it’s been a while since I’ve given you guys an update and there’s a lot to tell you which is why I thought today, I would just film a bit of a diary style video.

So the last video you would have seen it was me doing the user test with David. It was amazing. I was like I can’t believe it. I think I found product-market feel. Like I think you know hobby bakers or even professional chefs, just the hospitality industry in general, could really utilize this product that I’m creating. So I just felt like so motivated everything was going really well. I was also only like one component away from finishing the final design for the whole kit, but pretty much all at the same time, I had my 30th birthday party, which was amazing but obviously like I focused on that a little bit. Chinese New Year hit so for four weeks, I wasn’t able to speak to the factory.

Out of nowhere, Exodus, so my other business, Exodus Wear has like the biggest two months we’ve ever had in the history of the company like in nine years and it was amazing. I am not complaining in any way like I was so proud of my team and just blown away by the results they achieved. But what it meant is that I had to shift focus and I really had to help the team with you know if they needed me to go into a big sale and help them close it or just kind of be present and really like motivating everyone to get across the line on that target.

And the other thing like that kind of was a result of all of this was I kind of went through a YouTube rut and what I discovered is that but the bottleneck was when it got to editing because I was doing all the editing myself and I just didn’t have time to edit and so I didn’t get any videos up. I have a separate video about the YouTube rut but the end result was that I pretty much—I hired an editor who would edit the videos for me.

I also had my Zambezi workshop go on sale and I sold tickets since I had to create the content for that. And I still also am on a board the Small Business of Mental Health Project. And then I also found out that I am pregnant my husband oh I decided that we wanted to start trying. We kind of didn’t expect it happen which is absolutely amazing. This is something that my husband and I have wanted for so long.

All of this stuff is going on right and I don’t do any work on the Kickstarter. I was seriously sitting there thinking like I just want to give up like I have got too much stuff going on in my life like now’s not the right time like I’m pregnant. I think I have a good reason to you know like put this on the back burner and do it at a different time. It’s fine, just make a video and put on YouTube me like sorry guys you know I couldn’t do it anymore.

Then two things happened that completely change my mindset and made me realize that no, I do, I want to see this product come to life. The first one was that I fixed my YouTube rut. That was by hiring the editor and one of the first videos that they helped me with was actually the user test video that I had done for like the Kickstarter with David. And when I watched the video, I was like, man, that was such a good (inaudible). I love this product. It’s so good. And so that kind of like started to spark the passion again and then the second thing that happened is like all in the space of one week, I kid you not, all of these people started asking me about the project so one of my best friends was like hey, I told my friend who has a dog grooming business (inaudible) product you’re launching and like he things would be really cool to like do a time lapse of hi grooming a dog so that he can show you his customers what’s included in his service, like do you want to do user test with him? And I was like yeah, okay, like cool. I want to do it. Let’s book it.

Then I had a dinner party with my friends which I think you guys saw the vlog, the Italian dinner party and my friend, Harry brought his partner for the first time. And he was you know introducing him to the group and he said, Elyse, you know just working on all these things and she’s got this great product that she’s got a lot from the Kickstarter. And he goes can you tell him about it and like I was like who want to hear about a Kickstarter thing at dinner? So in between dinner and dessert, I go and I get you know the kit out of my cupboard and I bring it out and I literally did like a two-minute demonstration and everyone like even my friends who are ready knew about it and then David who saw it for the first time was like this is awesome. Like oh my god, if you think of like all these different users. I can imagine you know like you were getting a tattoo and like you know someone filmed it tattoo and like imagine this would imagine that. And I kept thinking like oh my god, this is exactly why I started this because these products should exist.

The third thing that happened was that I had previously posted on like a female networking group about like the Kickstarter that I was doing and like if you wanted to know more about it like sign up to my mailing list and out of the blue this woman like comments on my old post like hey, just wondering if you have a release date because like I’m super keen to buy the product. And I was like okay thank you universe like that is enough validation that I need to continue with this product. I cannot give up. I need to do it.

Look, honestly, the YouTube channel was another thing like having that public accountability and being like I don’t want to make the video telling everyone that I’m giving up and so all of these things combined and I was like right this Kickstarter project is still happening. And honestly, this is the exact reason why in the very first video in this series, I was like you shouldn’t keep your project a secret. You should tell everyone and it’s for this very reason. If I had kept it to myself, it would have been so easy to just hook myself out of it and just not do it.

But because I had so publicly told so many people, people were like asking me about it and it was like kind of you know when you’re starting something on your own and you don’t have like a partner or you know like employees who are kind of like in the journey with you, it can be really hard to motivate yourself so sometimes you need that external check-in of someone saying like hey what’s going on.

I thought was important to just tell you that. That’s kind of what happened. That’s how I’m feeling and also to tell you what’s next. So the first thing I had to do was acknowledge the situation. Like cool. I get it. I’ve got a lot going on. So maybe I need to rethink my expectations of this Kickstarter and make it a bit more achievable because you know I’m the type of person that wants to do the best job that I can and I want it to be really successful. Well, when I thought about it I was like I only need a hundred people to order just a hundred. I think I already have like 80 or something on my mailing list of people who said that they wanted to hear about it when it went live. And I was like I’m making this into two big a thing.

So once I had kind of like worked that out, I did like three or four things. First thing I did have I finalized the design. The second thing is I booked in that user test with the French—with the dog grooming business. Then the third thing is I actually booked in the video for when I’m like filming my actual Kickstarter video. And this is and trick like I’m going to go more into depth in this in another video because I think it’s important. But through running my own business, I’ve learned this trick of manufacturing like false deadlines for myself and so my producer, Catalog (inaudible) for Exodus and what I will do is literally like book in the studio and like email the models and tell them the date of the photo shoot before I’ve even like developed the product range for the year which is crazy, but let me tell you as soon as have a deadline and there are external people waiting on you, you get it done.

So what I thought I would do is I have a family member with a beautiful kitchen and I was like I’m going to contact them and ask them if I can use their kitchen for the video. Having that external you know pressure of someone like you know that you don’t want to let down is super important and honestly as soon as that was like booked in, I was like okay well let me write a packing list of what I’m going to need on that day so then that way like I can already do planning in my head what I need. The other weird thing that I did which may work for you if your girl or boy, who knows, when I booked my hair and my nails, I know this is super weird, but it’s one of those things that’s like well, I’ve just spent this money to get my hair straightening my nails done, I’m not going to like waste it and I’m actually filming the video tomorrow.

Do I ready to film it? Do I think it’s going to be the best video on Kickstarter? No, definitely not, but for what I want to achieve, it is going to be fine. And I think another big consideration for me is that I’m starting to show now I don’t want to be filming this Kickstarter video with like a really big, pregnant belly but that does anything wrong that if you’re pregnant and you’re doing this Kickstarter just film it. But I thought you know that while I still kind of look relatively normal, I am actually going to wear an apron to kind of hide them but I’m just going to and yeah kind of just see what happens from there.

I thought it was super important that I just check in with you guys this is what’s going on. I’m not going anywhere this product is happening. If you are doing your own Kickstarter, I’d love it if you comment below and tell me how you going with it what stage you’re at. And if you enjoyed this video, please like it so I know to make more videos along this topic and please subscribe if you want to see more from me because I upload every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. See you in my next video. Bye.