Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. And in today’s video, I’m going to be reviewing the iOgrapher for you. So I recently used the iOgrapher to film a vlog. I will link the vlog in the description below, but pretty much before I review any equipment, I have to really use it so I have to like go out in the wild and use it properly. I bought this for like a $190 including shipping and I live in Australia. So this is definitely not a cheap piece of vlogging kit.

I should mention the version of the iOgrapher that I have is the one that you need a clip and then your lens screws onto the clip and a clip clips on to the iOgrapher.

Now, I know that there’s a new and updated version where it just screws straight onto the iOgrapher which is definitely the one you want to get because I already lost a clip. So I can’t even really show you it because yeah I’ve lost the clip. So it’s probably like the cheapest component and now I can’t actually use the iOgrapher because that piece is gone.

That’s the first negative. If you lose the clip, you don’t have a working piece of kit. So you definitely want to get the one that is the screw on the lens.

The second thing I didn’t love about it is it’s definitely bulky like it’s not discreet like if you were hooking around with this, people will definitely going to notice especially once you put the lens on. If you’re a bit embarrassed and you’re starting vlogging and you don’t want to be like out in the wild using these probably not the best piece of equipment for someone who wants to discretely vlog.

The third thing I didn’t really love about it is I didn’t really feel like you could just like plop it down and like use it to film. If you use like a little tripod or like a JOBY grip or something like that, you know, you can like make it stand and so that generally is a really like versatile piece of equipment whereas with this unless you’re like walking around holding it like this, it’s not really useful because it does have attachments like you can screw it onto a tripod but obviously that involves you taking a tripod with you. And the other thing of course is the price for $190 like this is super expensive equipment.

So the first one is that like I said, I really like the lens and I really liked the wide angle so you could have it close to you and often if I was vlogging myself, I would just have it at arm’s length away from me and I would have the lens on it and that was more than enough to get me in the shot without feeling like oh my god it’s so close to my face.

The second thing is that I felt it was really stable because you use two hands, the shock absorption or the stability was actually really good. And then the other thing I really found that was great with it was panning. So I felt like I could really do like some slow panning shots and they were really stable. And the other thing as well, I’ve kind of found like it was quite easy to carry because it was handle. What I could do is like I would just walk with it by my side kind of like swinging my arm and in the minute I want to stop filming, I just flick it up and start going.

So will I be using the iOgrapher again for vlogging? Well, obviously not because I don’t have the clip, but to be honest, I don’t think I would keep it in my vlogging kit. When I was trying to make my own sort of like movie maybe and I wanted like a versatile piece of equipment that I could like put on a tripod or do you could like add attachments like a microphone and other stuff onto it, you’ve got like a little bit more of like a movie set on.

If I had to pick out of everything that I’ve reviewed so far, I’m still at the selfie stick to be honest. I think it’s quite versatile. You can put the tripod on it. You can extend it really far away from you. You can have it close. You can use it for photos. And as well, obviously the price—like a selfie stick, a really good one will be like $60 whereas this is a $190.

If there are any other pieces of equipment that you want me to review specifically for vlogging, please don’t hesitate to come at them in the description below. I hope you found this video useful. If you did, please give it a like so I know to make more videos like this. If you want to see more from me, I upload every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I hope to see you in my next video. To be notified of when it’s live, just subscribe. Bye!