Hello and welcome back to my channel. On the weekend, I was thinking that I really need to film some videos for Exodus. I’ve been doing one with Synoply, but there’s new products and stuff that we have and I haven’t filmed some videos and I was kind of like ugh! I’m going to have to get the studio lights from home. I’m going to have to take it to the office, do all of this stuff. And I was like hold on a second, this is exactly what I’m talking about on my YouTube channel and that the key to making video on a really consistent basis is to have a permanent place set up to film. That’s why I created at home a YouTube studio.

So what I’ve decided to do this week is I’m going to create an office video studio and that’s what I’m going to do with this space behind me which we haven’t been using. And if you watched my home YouTube studio video, you probably know that I was able to do it for I think $500 but this time, I’ve learnt heaps and so I think I’m going to try and set it up for $250. So I’ll let you know how I go this week.


So I’ve decided to just duck into IKEA on my way home because for the backdrop I’m thinking I’m going to try and use curtains this time. For my home studio, I used wallpaper, but we rent our office so anything that I change, we’re going to have to change back if we move. So what I’m going to try and do this time is to see if curtains work.


I probably look so ridiculous right now but I wanted to see what I look like on this backdrop so I’m just walking around doing this. Let’s see what this looks like. I think I like grey because I have filmed at CUB before and they have like satiny grey curtains like that so I think that could work.


So this is the one that I like but it’s hanging up in different lighting so I thought I’d see how it compares to what it looked like before.

At (inaudible) a pair, I’m going to buy two pairs because I think it’ll look better with like a lot of draping it’s called as opposed to like I don’t want it to be flat. I’d rather it there be some texture. I don’t know about you but I can’t go to IKEA without getting a warm cinnamon roll. Smells so good.

It’s the end of a long week and I’ve changed into my activewear because, throughout the week, all the items that I ordered arrived and I’ve had the curtains hanging out just on the window to sort of take all the creases out of them. I also did iron them, but I will start unpacking everything and setting it up and telling you what I bought as I go.


So the first thing I got was the backdrop stand. So as you know, I’m doing curtains this time so everything I bought, by the way, was on eBay. So I’ll put the price on the screen of how much I paid for these. Pretty much, it’ll be the backdrop, the curtains will hang from it.

It’s been a number of weeks since I started setting up the studio but that Friday night where I was trying to set up the lights and everything, I was so tired. I was just like I just need to go home because these lights were nearly the death of me honestly. So I think you guys might remember from or if you’ve seen my home studio vlog, you’ll know that I have these lights in my studio. These ones are hard to set up the first time because there are no instructions, but once I knew how to do it, it wasn’t so bad. I actually made a separate video on how to set them up.

Then I got two of these lights included and honestly, what a nightmare. I thought that they’re going to be vertical but I could only set them up horizontal and even setting them up horizontal like it’s kind of like crooked. Like I’ll try and show you. I know you can’t really see me very well, but I’m trying to show you the light on. I don’t know if you can see like this corner here is like really distorted and it’s kind of like warped. I don’t know if this one will show you any better. It’s really hard to tell. Let me see if I can turn the light off and if that works better. I don’t know if you can see in the corner that it’s kind of like not sitting properly and then see how this is like pulling. I just struggled so much to get this to work and in the end, like they’re honestly like not perfect and they’re horizontal but I was like I don’t care like I will just make do with that.

So when it comes to lights I definitely think like continuous SoftBox, something cheap from eBay is perfect, but if I had the choice between this one and this one, I would definitely go with this one. I actually don’t think it’s as powerful or anything like that but I actually think it’s easier to set up and my other ones which I think I linked in the description of my vlog about my home studio.

When it comes to the curtain backdrop, I really, really like it. I think it turns out really well. Cheap. The only thing that I will say is getting the draping right was difficult. You probably can see like some clips and things that I’ve put to try and like make it all stay but I look at this setup that you haven’t set up all the time you don’t like pack it down and pack it up because I don’t think the curtains are a great option if that’s what you want to do because while it is simple, it like I probably fussed with the draping for like half an hour but once I got it set up it was like super easy.

The stands were good. The only thing is that they probably were a bit too short for my curtains and so they said like the curtains drape at the bottom now I could just cut the curtains or something like that but it was like kind of like no big deal.

One of the biggest mistakes I think I made in my home studio was spending too much on a tripod. So with this studio, the whole concept is that I literally have it set up all the time. The minute I start to film, I need to film, I just like put the camera and press go. So what I’ve actually done is I’ve taped on the floor where I need to stand. I’ve also taped exactly where the tripod needs to go. It means everything is perfectly set up because what I found is that for my home studio, I ended up buying a more expensive tripod because I was thinking I would take it with me to go do other shoots and be more versatile. The problem is that yeah, you take it with you on a shoot then when you bring it back it takes forever to like the position it exactly right, get the height right all of that sort of stuff. So this time around, I was like I’m going to have just a really cheaper like it was so cheap. I’ll put the price here, but it was like one of the cheapest tripods I could find because I was like anything that will just hold the camera still, that’s all I need honestly. And I think it was a smart move because I know like I won’t take this tripod with me anywhere. It will just stay here.

I’ve now stopped over to my Sony camera so that you can see what the final recording setup looks like with all my lights on the backdrop and the proper camera recording. So all in all, I can’t remember how much I spent. I think it was at 300. I’ll put it on the screen now but I honestly feel like this is a really achievable studio setup that if you want to get started with making videos for YouTube or just for your company, you need to make the video on a really regular basis, I like this setup. The only thing I probably would have done differently is bought slightly different lights. But all in all, I think it’s definitely worth the money that was spent. It was quite easy getting everything like all the stands, the lights, and the tripod all of eBay, I bought the curtains from IKEA and I rented my camera which I’ve talked about why I rent my camera in a separate video.

So yeah, you can have your own YouTube studio exactly like mine if you follow the same steps. I really hope that this video helped you. If it did, please give a like so that I know to make more videos like this and if you want to see more videos from me, please consider subscribing because I upload videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So I hope to see you next time. Bye.