So it’s Sunday night and I’m out with Bob walking Digby because Digby refuses to hear that it’s raining and that we’re busy sometimes. We can’t always walk him. So we’ve literally had to go out in the rain because he was just whining so much.

Since we have to go out in the rain, I figured we might as well ourselves these sort of TimTams. That’s an (inaudible).

Happy with yourself aren’t you?


Today’s video is going to be another week in the life-style vlog. This week, I think I want to focus more on what I’m doing just for Synoply. I normally sort of have a balance or show what I’m doing for both of my companies. I have another company called Exodus Wear. It’s nine years old. It has employees. It looks much more mature and my role is much more of a CEO overseeing everything. Synoply—it’s a start-up. I’m the only employee so I do essentially everything. I do have some freelancers who work for me to assist me.

What I thought I would do is sort of show you more what it’s like when you’re trying to start a business on the side. And when you’re pre-revenue, not making any money, and it’s been off just like a side hustle, the phase of the business I’m in is what I call building an audience. I feel like you can’t sell or market to people that you don’t have.

So it’s Monday night. I had a full day of work for Exodus today. Finished probably about 5:30, cooked dinner, walked my dog, and then I actually had to finish some work for Exodus which I only finished at about 9:00 PM. So it’s now 9:30 and in the studio, I want to film a video, edit it and get it up tonight.

I’m going to do a really simple video where I’m just going to do a demonstration about how to edit time-lapse videos that you filmed on your phone. I’ve identified that no one’s really put a good like tutorials out there so I’m going to make that video and hopefully it will draw some traffic to my YouTube channel and also increase my subscribers.

All you do is drive the corners in to get it as close as you want.

Have you been wanting to make videos but you don’t know how to use video editing software? Well, I am hosting a free webinar on how to edit videos using any software and any computer.

I just finished a webinar which was a live demonstration of how to edit vlogs. I’m trying to do a webinar every single Tuesday night at the moment. The purpose being to like obviously connect with an audience but also build my audience so when people sign up for webinars, they have to get their email address so then that in turn builds my newsletter database.

I’ve just been tucked away in the corner working at CUB finishing my work day for Exodus. At 5:00, David is going to arrive here and we’re going to do the test using the CUB kitchen to do like a cooking demonstration for his Instagram story so that should be pretty cool. But I’m actually going to do a completely separate episode and I’ll upload that to my channel as part of my Kickstarter Series, but I’ll just put a couple of snippets in here for you anyway.

All right, so David’s arrived and is fantastic. Hello David. And the first thing he did was like I think we need to like the style this to make it a bit pretty. I was like oh, okay. You don’t like my white chopping board. He’s making it a bit more aesthetically pleasing just putting some eggs and garlic which is all good because it makes sense because that’s the ingredients that he’s going to put into the dish that we’re making. I keep saying “we” but we all know what I mean, David.

So at the moment, I’ve got it filming in landscape mode which covers all six—what do we call it hot plates? Oh my god, it’s going to be a long night.

It’s Thursday night and I just got home from the office. I was meant to be going to a networking dinner tonight. I just decided to cancel it last minute because last night after the test with David, it went so well and he ended up sharing some video on his Insta stories and did a total shoutout to Synoply and talked about the Kickstarter campaign coming in and everything and it was so good but I also felt really bad because our Instagram just like haven’t anything on it. The website doesn’t even have a good page about the Kickstarter and so I just really feel like tonight I have to work on just those basic things. So I know it can be tempting to just go do the fun stuff like network and feel busy. I love networking. Networking is great but I think there are definitely times where you just need to grind and I feel like tonight is a night where I just need to grind and just get work done.

So it’s Friday night and I’m here at home sitting on the couch and we just downloaded a movie and watch the Mission Impossible series just because I’m bored but essentially what I will be doing is like listening to the movie with this ear and watching and then editing a vlog listening to it at the same time. Got to multitask.

We had a really big day today. We’re out the house by 9:00 AM and ended up really getting home along for like 5:30 PM. I was actually so tired that I fell asleep on the couch which is like unheard of for me. So my original plan had been that I wanted to film a video tonight but honestly, I’m exhausted and I know firsthand like what it’s like to burn out so I’m kind of trying to like to bounce it out a little bit which I know which I know probably from this vlog which doesn’t seem very well done since I’m working six nights a week or something but I’m going to try be really good tonight and just do nothing which is like scary for me.

I’m going to end this vlog here. This is probably like the most boring vlog ever because I know nothing super exciting happened like it’s just me working at home most nights but I kind of just feel like I wanted to document because I hate that other people don’t represent the reality of what’s like starting up a business. So if you have a business that you’re starting I hope it’s going well. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up so I know to make more on this topic and please subscribe as I upload every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So see you my next video bye.