Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. I’m back! My subscribers may have noticed that I have not uploaded a video for six weeks. I was posting like two or three times a week I went through my first YouTube rut and it came like really unexpectedly. I thought I would make a video about it so that if you’re going through your first YouTube rut and you’re wondering how to get out of it, maybe my experience will help you.
So at the start of 2017, I knew I wanted to make a YouTube channel (inaudible) and didn’t start filming until the end of June and didn’t start uploading until I think it was the end of October. I only officially launched my channel the end of December and that’s when I started promoting it and getting subscribers and my YouTube rut happened at the start of March.

I researched so much before I started YouTube and the number one thing that kept coming up over and over again was consistency. I made sure I had this plan of how I was going to be consistent. I set up my own studio at home, vlogged with my smartphone so I didn’t require having like to carry a camera around with me which I actually have in another video that I will link in the description below with all my tips for how to be consistent on YouTube. And I have to say they all worked, but the one thing that I did not have a backup plan for was if I didn’t have time to edit my videos myself.

If you’re not familiar with my channel, you may not know that I have a company called Exodus where it manufactures custom jackets and sells to schools and I’ve had that company for nine years now. Out of the blue, we just had the biggest month or two months that we’ve ever had in the history of the company, which was so amazing and I’m so proud of my team, but what ended up happening is that because I could see that we were doing so well, I really wanted to support the team to make sure we got over the line and hit the new record which meant that a lot of the time I was out on the road with the reps trying to make sure we closed all the really big sales.

And so at night, I was having to do my regular work which meant that I couldn’t edit my own YouTube videos. And then I got to the point that I was like okay, I know that this probably won’t last forever and I’ll be able to start editing my videos again myself, but I’m the type of person that having had my own business like I never want to make the same mistake twice. So I was like I need to create some sort of like backup plan in the event that I can’t edit my own videos.

And so what I decided to do was hire an editor on Upwork who I pay I think $6.25 per hour and just get him to edit as many videos as he could and also on an ongoing basis when I don’t feel like I’m going to be able to edit and upload to my deadline, I am going to get him to edit those videos for me. So you edited the first video that I gave him but so it ended up costing me about $30.00. I know if you’re wanting to make a career out of YouTube, your thinking will hold on a second, you’ve just spent $30 like I actually want to make money from YouTube. Well, you’ll probably do the same. You need to spend money to make money. And my goal at the moment is not to make money off YouTube. My goal is to build an audience. Once I have that audience I can look at products and other things to sell them in the future, but without that audience, I can’t really do anything.

So for me, it’s an investment to pay an editor to make sure that I get those videos up on a regular basis. I had a really good trend for new subscribers every week like just a couple every single week and I definitely noticed when I stopped uploading that the subscribers stopped coming and so for me I see this as an investment into building my audience and that one day, I will turn YouTube into some sort of business or revenue and I will make my money back then.

But all in all, I have to say I was really impressed with the video. I wrote a really detailed document which honestly like I probably could have edited the video at the time I wrote the document but I know now on an ongoing basis, he knows exactly how I want my videos to be edited. By spending the time and teaching him now how I want the videos to be edited, it will be a much quicker process in the future.

I hope that this experience that I’ve had will help you I’ve really taken it as an opportunity to learn and evolve and like I said, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice so I’m really hoping that by both of us editing and having this as a backup, it means that I’m going to be consistent on YouTube and you going to see me your a lot because I’ve got a load of videos backed up that we need to edit and get a life.

I’m feeling super motivated and excited so I hope you guys enjoy the videos that are up and coming. If you like this video and you thought it was helpful, please give it a thumbs up so I know to make more videos about my YouTube journey and if you want to hear from me, I will be uploading every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I promise. So please consider subscribing. See you next time. Bye