So at the moment, I’ve got it filming in landscape mode which covers all six—what do we call it? Hot plates? Oh my god, it’s going to be a long night.

Hello and welcome back to my Kickstarter series. Today, I am in the kitchen at CUB Private Business Club which I’m a member of the world. So I am doing a test for my rig tonight with a chef. His name is David and he was a contestant on My Kitchen Rules. And so pretty much what we’re going to be doing today is trying to test out how my rig goes when you’re trying to do like an in demonstration for the purpose of Insta stories.

All right, so David’s arrived who’s fantastic. Hello David! And the first thing you did was like I think we need to like the style we have to make it a bit prettier and I was like okay. You don’t like my white chopping board. So yeah he’s making it a bit more aesthetically pleasing just putting some eggs and garlic which is all good because it makes sense because that’s the ingredients that he’s going to put into the dish that we’re making. Like I keep saying we, but we all know what I mean, David.


All right, so David has finished the prep and we’ve now moved over to the stove to do the cooking.


Delicious. I think I could make this!

That is so good. Well, thank you so much David for helping me test it out. What do you think? Verdict? On my side, yours was great.

David: I’m really excited. It was really easy. I’ve always cooked in one hand. I can cook with both hands which is really exciting.

Elyse: Awesome. All right, well, I can’t wait to check out your Insta stories.

David. Yeah. I can’t wait to edit it so you guys can see the final results.

Elyse: Cool! I’ll put your Insta story thingy somewhere here.

David: Thanks.

Elyse: Anyway so, if you enjoyed this episode of this Kickstarter series, please subscribe because I upload new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Did I say everything? I can’t remember. Maybe I’m too distracted by pasta. Anyway, I’ll see you in the next video.

It’s not even actually the oven. It’s next to whatever this is. Don’t ask me kitchen questions.

David: [Inaudible]

For me, I burn everything so I kind of feel like that’s dangerous. I need to put on really low. It’s obviously next to this other kitchen contraption. I like you just know what everything is. It took me like six minutes to find a chopping board in here. and I was like all this time (inaudible).