Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Today’s video is going to be a very short tutorial about how I edit time-lapse that I film on my iPhone. I film a ton of time lapse but have always wanted the ability to like crop, zoom, or slow down the timelapse and I’ve found it so difficult to do. I’ve tried so many different apps and not being able to find one that I like. So I’m going to show you how I currently edit. I do think it’s quite to use but I’d love to know if you’ve got any other apps or something you use, please comment below.

But for now, let’s jump over to my computer screen. The software I’m going to be using for this tutorial is Fillmore. Now, it does cost I think about AUD70 but to be honest, I think it’s totally worth it if you’re going to edit time-lapse on a regular basis. I just find it so easy because literally on the screen that opens up straight away, you can go straight in selecting this portrait ratio which is the exact shape of your timelapse on your phone. And then select full feature mode.
Once you’re in Fillmore, you just need to go File > Input Media > Input Media Files and then you need to browse for where your file is located which I have here. Once it’s come into your library, all you need to do is click on the cross to Add to Project.

The first thing I want to do is I want to zoom in my footage because it’s too far away. I’m just going to use the Crop and Zoom tool. All you need to do is the drag in the corners to where ever you want them to be. I want this to be quite close. And you can also preview by pressing Play to see if you got the right position. I actually want to move this down a little bit and slightly more zoomed in. I really want to see the detail of her. So good now so I’m going to click Okay.
Next thing I want to do is slow down the footage. So I’m going to double-click on the clip using the speed line, I’m just going to drag it to probably about 0.5 and see what that looks like. Okay. That looks good.


That’s all I wanted to achieve with my footage today was just to crop and slow it down. Now, I’m going to click Export > Create Video and save it to MPEG4 wherever you want to and to get it back on to your phone, you can obviously just Airdrop it again, Google Drive, or email it to yourself.


And then if you are looking to put this into Insta stories, I will link a few different apps in the description below which are really good at just splitting up your clip into 15-second intervals.
This is a super simple tutorial, but I hope you found it useful because like I said at the start of the video, it was very different to work out how to do these simple tasks for my iPhone time-lapse footage. I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you do, please give it a like and also consider uploading because I upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope to see you in my next video.