Hi and welcome back to my channel. It’s nearly 7 PM on Tuesday night and I’m about to go live with the webinar about how to get started with vlogging and it made me realize I haven’t vlogged this week. I get the irony and I’m going to try and do better for the rest of the week.

I’m just on my way to the city because today I’m on a panel for the emergency conference which is an event for wholesale investors.

The event is at the Amora Hotel which is next door but I’ve just jumped into the Met Center to just have a brief through the question and to be honest, I’m actually quite nervous. I don’t know normally get nervous about speaking events because I’m talking about things that I’m quite knowledgeable about so like my business or entrepreneurship. But today, the panel is going to be an all-female panel with the female moderator or giving a female perspective on like the investment landscape. The room is going to be a room full of investors and there’s much, much larger proportion of investors are men at the moment and it’s kind of nerve-wracking to like stand in front of this room of men and so to give my opinion about what’s wrong with you know the industry my would end up getting venture capitals. I’m just going to read through my questions, prepare myself and then I will head over next door to the Amora Hotel.


So I’m about to sit in a Tesla for the first time. Oh fancy!

Male: Tap your foot on the break.

Elyse: What happens? Oh! Okay, so it closes.

Male: You got your rearview camera (inaudible) whole time so it’s nice and easy when driving.

Elyse: This is so cool. So I totally really got distracted by the Tesla and now I’m running a little bit late, but that should be alright. So I’m just like in the green room I guess and just got some muesli which I have now. There are all sorts of yummy delicious snacks and I’m meeting the other speakers.


I think I was fortunate in January and I think the stats are that 1.9% of all venture capital went to women in 2016 and then I think last year was like 2.2% which I know it’s like minuscule, but if you look at the graphics, definitely growing and I know that women are starting businesses at a faster rate than men and that women-led business that actually generally I think the research has shown sometimes a better investment. With all of that happening, it’s just going to be a matter of time and for me personally, I think it’s a matter of role models.

Women need to see other women doing something before they feel confident to do it themselves. So I think as more women sort of like there would be a few of us that have to sort of lead the way and you know take that chance, but once they’ve done it, I think others will say it’s possible.

So the Emergence Event ended up going really well. It was kind of like once I got on the stage, I wasn’t so nervous but now I have another meeting in about an hour so I’m just stopping to get a cup of tea and try and do some of my emails before I go on to the next meeting.


I’m on my way to Newcastle today because I have two meetings for the Small Business and Mental Health Project, but I just quickly stopped at (inaudible) to get a cup of tea pit stop and also I did a quick phone interview with a journalist and now I’m ready to head up to Newcastle.

It’s now Saturday at nearly 5:00. I’m sorry I didn’t continue vlogging yesterday. I just got to Newcastle and then was in the meeting for three and a half hours. I was so exhausted and just wanted to get home. But today, I’m actually at the office. I didn’t want to even vlog but I felt like I should because I wanted to kind of talk about the realities of entrepreneurship and I’ve been here and I wrote Robert into coming as well. I think we’ve been here for about four or five hours packing like information kits for the reps to take to schools because we’re just so busy at the moment like no one literally has time to do it and I don’t want to take them away from sales by doing packing so Robert and I this is the second weekend in a row that we’ve come in and packed the kits ready so that we can now ship them to the interstate reps which are really good.

Yeah, it was like a beautiful 40-degree great day or something like that in Sydney but we’ve literally been inside sweating, disgusting but are nearly finished and we’re about to head off now and yeah thought I would end this vlog here. If you found this interesting at all, please consider subscribing because I will upload again next week what I’m up to. And if you liked it please give it a thumbs up so I know to make more videos like this. Thanks. Bye!