Hello and welcome back to my channel. It is Sunday and as per usual, I’m in the studio filming some videos. I’m actually filming some promo videos about some free webinars I’m going to be going to be doing. I’m excited about that, but I’m even more excited because this week it’s my birthday. I’m turning 30 on Wednesday. I can’t wait and I’m having a party weekend next weekend. We’re all going away. So it’s going to be super fun.

This week in the life vlog is pretty much going to be all the prep for my party and I feel like this is a little bit of prep because I know that next weekend I’m not going to be able to film because I’m going to be away so I’m getting that done today.

My dress for the party arrived today. So pretty. I thought I was doing a really good job of being in minimalist until I got the vases out. Minimalist fails right there.

Digby, would you stop wagging your tail. It’s so noisy.

So today’s my 30th birthday and it’s been absolutely manic like I cannot tell you how crazy today has been. It started really nice. I got these beautiful flowers from Brook. I don’t know if you can see it in the background.

I wanted to do a bit of pampering for myself so I went and got my nails and pedicure done but totally just like lost track of time so I raced out the door with closed-in trainers and they had to give me those foam thongs and I had to literally walk around the city until Robert came and picked me up.

All right, I got changed. Most important I’ll when you’re shopping for a party—chips.

Happy birthday to you! Hip-hip-hooray! Robert and I started dating when I was like 16 so like 14 years ago and I obsessed (inaudible) chocolate cake and so Robert, for my first birthday while we were going out got me like a massive (inaudible) chocolate cake and decorated with it with M&M’s and I loved it so much that I request it every year for my birthday. That’s what we’re having today and apparently, is it upside down? What does it say? WIFE 30. Thank you!

So Robert and Digby are heading down a day early to set up for the party and I’m absolutely dying so I’ll just show you what Robert has put on for Digby. He can’t see where the treats.

It’s Thursday night and I’m just starting to pack to the (inaudible) but I feel like a little bit lonely tonight because the boys are gone so it’s super, super quiet. If I can I want to edit two videos and then get an early night because Emma and I ‘m going to the flower markets bright and early. So at 7 a.m.


I’m just at the flower markets now and I’m just waiting for Emma. The section that I took you through is actually like the fruit section. I just think it’s such chaos that I just had to film once like what it’s like driving through those forklifts because it’s absolutely insane.

I’m all packed and ready to go, just waiting to be picked up by some of my friends and then we’re heading down together so I’m going to end this vlog here.

My next vlog will be all about the whole weekend and the party and all that so stuff. I hope you enjoyed this sort of like week in the life vlog and the prep for my 30th birthday party. If you did, please give it a like so I knew to make more videos like this and I upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so if you want to see my next video please consider subscribing. Bye!