Good morning and welcome back to my channel. Today, I am in a beautiful Woolloomooloo and the weather is amazing. I’m in Woolloomooloo today because Emma and I are actually doing another co-working day. So if you’ve watched my vlogs before you’ll know that my friend Emma and I we pick one day a month and we go do co-working in a different co-working space. I’m really excited about today because we’re testing out this new thing called TwoSpace and essentially is this company that takes regular venues like cafes, hotels, and stuff like that and it uses them as co-working spaces when they’re closed for their regular purposes.

Today, we’re actually going to be working from Ovolo Hotel which is just this hotel behind me. But anyway the other reason I was excited about it being in Woolloomooloo today is because there’s a really good bagel place called Smoking Gun Bagels and I am obsessed with bagels. So obsessed. And it’s really hard to get a good bagel in Sydney. So I’m excited. I’ve got my bagel. I’m sitting by the water waiting for Emma and then we’re going to head in and start working.


So it’s now lunchtime and Emma and I are going to go to the Tilbury Hotel and grab some lunch. And something we’ve just realized is that we can’t really leave our stuff here so normally with a co-working space, you can generally just leave your stuff and feel pretty like secure that nothing is going to happen, but we’re just going to pack our stuff up and then go to lunch, which isn’t a big deal. It’s actually been just really nice like I don’t know if you can hear it (inaudible) in the background.

Emma: Yeah I know. It’s old school. Hip-hop beats.

Elyse: Salt and Pepper. Goodness. How do we not know that? Anyway yes, so we’re just loving the vibe like we’re sort of like cute little nook area. Anyway, we’ll go grab lunch and then we’ll come back.


So I’ve snuck off into this very cute, little corner.

I guess to just round up his vlog, my thoughts on TwoSpace. I have absolutely loved it. I think this may be the new thing Emma and I because there’s something just so like just cool about coming to such a beautiful space like this and just working from the day, working from here for the day and look, the internet was so easy. I think I showed you at the start of the vlog like you literally just put in your email address and they must have you registered and straightaway you’re connected.

The only downside has been you know the security of our valuables like not really feeling like we can leave them, but yes so really, really like it. I actually should have checked before I start talking to you guys about how much it costs and all that sort of stuff because today we did a trial, but we’re going to look at how much it costs to like I think have a subscription or whatever and possibly will do that because some of the venues that we worked at were an amazing. That would be pretty cool to work for the day.

I don’t know if this was much I don’t know if this was an exciting vlog or not, but this is kind of just what I do on a day to day basis so you have to work, but I thought I’d just update you guys and all that and yeah I will see you in my next vlog.

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