Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply. Welcome back to my channel and to my Kickstarter series. Today, I am in Parramatta which I actually fun fact went to UWS in Parramatta, but I haven’t been back to Parramatta in like 10 years or something. Anyway, this is my friend Lindsey. She’s helping me with my test because today we’re going to Nail by LaRouche who does this incredible nail art. She does incredible nail art and everyone always says to her you should film how you do your nail art and so we’re going to test out my rig and see if it works to help her film. We’re just heading there now.


Lauren is just stunning by filing Lindsey’s nails and I’m already having a few massive fail moments. I only bought one clamp pole. But luckily, we use the clamp option where it actually that’s going to be more secure.


I’m back in the studio now filming the end of this video because my phone actually went dead while the time lapse was filming. Honestly, I legit felt so sick. I was so embarrassed because Lauren had just spent like hours doing these amazing nails on Lindsey and I thought we haven’t captured any of it and the worst thing was that my phone was so dead that I was trying to charge it at her salon and I couldn’t even get it to charge. I was like has it died? Like what’s going on? So I literally had to end and be like okay like things like thanks, I don’t know if I captured it but she was so sweet honestly. She was so nice.

Anyway, I ended up getting the car charging it and thank God like I pretty much captured like 95% of the time-lapse. So that went really well. The clamps arm worked really well on her table. It was simple enough. She ended up sharing the footage on her Insta stories and I thought it was really cool. We ended up slowing it down and in hindsight, I’m kind of feeling like maybe I actually should have done video and sped it up but that was like a good learning curve to sort of working out which I guess the type of filming to do.

I really feel like I’ve tested time lapse now and need to start doing more filming and more like photography using the rigs. So next week I have a test with David Wu who’s a chef from My Kitchen Rules and it’s so interesting but one of the things he talked about is like having a challenge of trying to present or do like a cooking demonstration on the go and so like with my setup, he might be able to do that. So we’re actually going to do a test next week.

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