Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. I’m super excited because today is another user test this time with my friend, Kate, from Thankly. You may have seen her in one of my previous vlogs but if not, Thanks is small thank you gifts and handwritten cards and so they actually do quite a bit of like the overhead filming of themselves gift wrapping or writing and they’ve got this sort of like clamp overhead thing that they use at the moment.

We’re actually going to compare the two for me so this is the first time that I actually sort of having someone test my product that already has some sort of solution for overhead filming. It’ll be interesting to see how mine works in comparison. Super excited and we’re going to set up now and I’ll show you what they think.


Female: It relies on having to be clipped to a table. I find annoying for example with this one is that like if I want to—

Elyse: It doesn’t go a hundred percent overhead?

Female: I think it does. I just don’t know how to work.

Elyse: I don’t think it does go quite exactly overhead unless oh I guess you could do it like that. It was really low.

Female: If I want to film with my back camera, then it’s really hard to—

Elyse: You can’t see.

Female: I don’t know what’s in the shot.

Elyse: Then the other thing as well that does it…because I’m trying to compare it to mine so you can only go about up to like what 40 centimetres above the table and you can only get sort of about 30 centimetres inwards as well.


Kate: You don’t actually have any instructions, Elyse.

Elyse: Yeah I know because I want it to be so simple, you don’t actually need instructions. That’s going to be (inaudible).

Alright, okay guys, we’re going to be doing some flat lay here at Thanks. So that takes the photo. So what I’ve set up for Kate now is an on table setup where she’s going to unwrap a gift and it’s in a sort of like portrait mode so that she can sort of just get it straight on Insta stories.


Thoughts on the whole thing?

Kate: It’s great. So easy to use. I think that you should put a spirit level on it though. So I can see the level of it, but other than that, perfect.

Elyse: Cool! Thank you for testing, Kate!