Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with video. Welcome back to my Kickstarter series. Now, I have to pre-warn you that this episode is pretty much is going to be me having a rant and talking about how I feel because today was a tough day. I just feel like if I’m going to document this whole process, I can’t just document like the good days and when everything’s going well like I have to document the reality which is obviously like bad days.
Anyway, it pretty much started bad because I just could not sleep last night. Sleep is something that I struggle with so much. I have all these different hacks and try to do all these different things and yesterday was the first of January and I think being like the start of the year, I just had like a million thoughts going through my mind, I was like just thinking about the year ahead and just really like over thought everything. So I think I just like couldn’t get to sleep because of that.

I really got like barely any sleep last night. This morning, I had an interview with a guy who’s run a Kickstarter campaign before and so I was like right, you’re going to drag yourself out of bed, go do this interview. It was an amazing interview. It went for an hour. It was great. This is awesome. I didn’t take notes because I was filming it. No issues.

Anyway, after the interview, I go to check the footage and my camera has either frozen or my memory card is frozen or something and it’s like an error on the screen and essentially, I got no footage. Literally there’s nothing on my memory card like it just got wiped or something. Are you kidding me? I just had an hour long interview with this guy. He like spent his time giving me all this advice. I didn’t take any notes. Now, I have zero footage and no notes. That was like really tough.

By the way, if there’s like all this noise in the background, it’s because there’s like a thunder outside but I am filming this now and then I’m like having a chill night after this. I just want to get it done.

Anyway, so pretty much after that, I was just like ahhhh! This is so frustrating. But I had a super busy day of just life errands because I go back to work next Monday and so I just had to just do stuff like go to the doctor and all that sort of stuff.

I pretty much was just running around. I think I stopped for lunch and all of a sudden, like a light switch, the self-doubt just hit me like a ton of bricks like out of nowhere. It’s interesting because obviously like you expect that you’re going to have self-doubt and all that sort of stuff, but it was just really like intense self-doubt.

To give you a timeline, I thought of this concept five weeks ago and I’ve sort of just been like go, go, go, go, go. I’ve been super busy with Exodus, just finishing off the year, Christmas, and all that sort of stuff. I really haven’t had a chance to think. I feel like pretty much like the last sort of two days, like only a couple of days where I really (inaudible) on, so I think I like started to think and started to be like oh okay like hmm, this is like interesting. I’ve shared my concept of people and stuff is it’s not like in a little bubble anymore and it’s not just me who knows about it. I’m starting to regret that I shared it so publicly. What if I fail? I’m going to fail so publicly. All of these emotions are sort of going through my head.

To compound that with the interviews like they’ve been so amazing and so helpful and you definitely should speak to other people who have done Kickstarter, but the problem is you start to compare yourself. For example, like a couple of people that I’ve interviewed all went full time to dedicate to their Kickstarter before it launched like six months, twelve months beforehand. I’m like oh, well, I already have a company that I kind of got to run like this is meant to just be like a side fun project.

Now I’m like well if I can take it at the time, it’s definitely (inaudible) getting it to get off the ground and it’s going to fail. Someone else was like saying that they had like 4,000 newsletter subscribers and I was like I have zero newsletter subscribers. How am I going to market this product? How am I going to get off the ground? Literally all of this stuff was going through my head today.

But I know that I’ve done the right thing like sharing it publicly is what’s going to help me get over this hump because that’s what’s going to drive me. Not wanting to fail publicly is going to be what motivates me. This is where it’s almost like if you have a new idea for a business or a Kickstarter or whatever, you need to go hardcore at the start. Tell everyone publicly. That way you’re accountable. That way you push through these painful days because I feel like if I hadn’t told anyone by this point, today would have been a great day to give up. Today would have been a great day to say it’s too hard, I’m not going to do it. I could easily talk myself out of it. Now that it’s out there so publicly and I have a YouTube series about it, I feel like the pressure to get going. I know I’ll be grateful when I come to the end and I’ve produced this product and it’s all great.

Sometimes you need to implement these things to overcome the hurdles. Even though I’m afraid of the public failure, I think that’s going to be one of my biggest driving motivators. It’s essentially a good thing.

I feel like the plan for tonight is to give myself the night off and just not even think about it. I’m so tired. I had planned to film some videos tonight, but I just feel like I need to chill out get some sleep, just a reboot and get my head back in the game essentially.  

Just want to update you guys with that. That’s how I’m feeling. I know it’s normal. The thing is, I’ve run a company for nine years, this is not my first rodeo and yet I’m still feeling it. I still feel the self-doubt even though I’ve built what is considered like quite a successful business. Everyone catches it. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes it catches you off-guard where you don’t expect it. It can be like really intense.

I really don’t know if this video was helpful. If anyone in the future is watching this and going through or even now are going through their own Kickstarter and is feeling the same way, I’d love to know whether you found that useful or if everyone just felt like this was an emotional rant.

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