Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. When I started my YouTube channel, I did so much research to find out what people considered was a successful strategy to be consistent on YouTube. An interesting thing is that a lot of people or a lot of successful YouTubers talked about the reason for their success was actually consistency over the quality of video over viral videos. They actually felt that just by consistently uploading every single week is what actually eventually led to their success just over a long period of time. For me it was really important to find a way to be consistent on YouTube when I started because I didn’t want to just come in make a bunch of videos, leave and then you’ve never heard from me again. I put together a strategy and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today so that you can hopefully be consistent in your own YouTube video uploading.

The first thing you need to make sure is that you’re passionate about the topic you’re talking about. Don’t go create a beauty channel because you know that beauty is really popular or that it’s trending. If it’s not a topic that you’re passionate about or knowledgeable about, you’re really going to struggle with creating content and staying motivated. Whereas if you’re doing something that you’re passionate about, the motivation is always going to be there. Even if you run out of content ideas, you’re going to be more than willing to do the research and putting the work to get the next video concept that you need.

The second thing that you want to do is make filming super easy. Now whether it’s you doing vlogging or if you’re doing a studio filming, you want both scenarios to be really easy. I’m very passionate about smartphone vlogging and I’ve got some videos which I will link in the description below about how you can do smartphone vlogging because I think if you make it too difficult for yourself by having to carry around bulky equipment or you know even just a specific camera, you’re probably not always going to have it with you. It’s a big commitment to make sure you do. Whereas you’ve always got your smartphone so generally, if you go with smartphone vlogging, you’re always going to have your camera and it’s going to be a lot easier to remain consistent.

Now, if you’re doing a more studio style setup like this, I’ve also got a video about how to set up a YouTube studio for under $500. That is exactly set up essentially. Because I have found first hand that by having my own home YouTube studio, it just makes such a difference. I can get up in the morning put some makeup on, put my t-shirt on, come upstairs, film some videos, have a break, go downstairs, have some lunch, walk my dog, come back up, the film more, and so on and so on. Whereas I find if you have to set up lights, set up a tripod, set up a camera, it all becomes really overwhelming and just makes it harder for you to do. Whereas if everything’s just always set up for you, it makes it so much easier to film the videos that you need to be consistent on a weekly basis.

My third tip is to actually have a YouTube a uniform. Now, I’m not going to talk a lot about this because I have another video which I will link in the description below which is all about having a YouTube uniform. But for me like today, I did a huge day of filming and I just wore my t-shirt all day. Even when I was like in the shops whatever, it made it really simple for me to just be constantly ready that the moment inspiration sort of strikes, that you can go and film your video as opposed to having to pick and plan outfits or finding something that’s clean or iron to wear, you just want to keep it really simple. Go have a watch of my video with tips on how to pick your YouTube uniform.

The fourth thing I do is I make sure I have a content document that is a Google document available online and offline. Now, the great thing about Google Docs is that they’re available on all your devices and technically any device in the world so you can log into your Google account on any computer or tablet or phone anywhere in the world and access the document that you’ve been working on. It’s also a great collaborative document. You don’t have to be the only one working on it. If you have an assistant or other team members, you can actually all be typing ideas into it.

I know for me, inspiration definitely does not strike at the most convenient times and so I’ll be out and about and I think that’d be a great idea for a video or I’ll be in bed thinking that’s a great idea for a video. I find if I don’t write it down straight away, I’ll forget. So the best thing to do is just pull out my phone, open the Google Doc and write out what my idea is.

Now, hopefully, you’re going to have a document that’s got lots and lots of pages with lots and lots of ideas. This can be a bit overwhelming when it becomes too lengthy. What I do recommend is to have a current content idea document and then an archive document. Don’t delete the ideas that you’ve already used because a great way to get new inspiration is to go back into your archives document, have a look at some of the videos you created in the past and sometimes that will spark a new idea for you.

Some other tips for managing your current content document is to split it up into sections. It might be themed on vlogs or types of topics that you’re going to make videos about. Then you have a contents page at the top so that you can quickly jump to the topic that you want to add an extra idea in. Another really quick shortcut in it Google Docs is to use the Crtl+F function so you can find a particular keyword that you want to jump to and then add in any sort of new content ideas that you’ve got.

My fifth tip is to have a public upload schedule. As soon as you start YouTube, you should really be telling your followers how often you’re going to be uploading. Now, to be truthful most people do say that you need to upload two to three times per week to have sort of a career out of YouTube, but if you can’t do that, to begin with and you can only upload once a week or once a fortnight. The most important thing is to be consistent. Try and upload the same day each week and tell people I upload every Monday.

The other thing that you can do is tell them the type of video so you may upload a vlog on a Monday and a how-to or tutorial on Friday. What this does is tells your followers what to expect and so they’re more likely to subscribe if they know that there’s going to be another video coming. Whereas if they look at your history and they say one year ago, four months ago, three weeks ago, two weeks ago, one week ago, they’re not going to think that you’re consistent and so there’s really no motivation for them to hit that subscribe button. They may just watch one of your videos and then if another one comes up in their feed, they’ll watch it then but they’re not going to commit to being one of your followers.

The great thing about having followers is that they’ll probably keep you accountable. If you don’t upload when you say you’re going to, they’ll be commenting and messaging you and say hey, how come we didn’t get a video today? I think the most important thing when you start is to be realistic. Don’t say I’m going to upload two or three times a week if you really don’t know that you can consistently do that over a long period of time. It’s better to be sort of consistent with once a week and then increase at a later date.

My sixth tip is to start a blog. I know that that seems a bit counterintuitive because slowly a blog is just going to make more work for you but what I’ve found about blogging is that it’s a lot quicker and easier than making a video because especially if you don’t have a good set up, you’ll find that writing a blog, you don’t have to have hair and makeup (inaudible), you can be anywhere to film it. So what I see my bloggers is almost like a script that I’m writing for a later video, but I’m just doing it in a place that can already be shared and I could already be getting traffic to the blog so that when I film the video, I’ve got a great piece of content that can then point people to the video that I’ve created.

The other fantastic thing about your blog is that if you have Google Analytics installed, Google’s going to be tracking what’s your most popular content. It’s a great idea to go look through your analytics and see what’s actually popular and then make videos based on that as opposed to making the video first and then trying to have people find it in YouTube. Because as you know on YouTube at the moment, I think there are 400 hours of footage being uploaded per minute. There’s a lot of saturation and it’s really hard to get your video found so sometimes actually having a blog that then sends traffic to your YouTube channel is a better idea.

My seventh tip is to try and make your editing process quicker. Now I have a separate video about that which I will also link in the description below. There’s going to be a long list of links, but I think it would be a lot easier for you guys if you just go watch that video separately and that I think gives you five tips on how you can really speed up that process so then that way you shorten your editing time and get your videos up quicker.

My last tip is to have royalty-free music downloaded and ready to go. I know firsthand that sometimes the longest part of making a video has actually been finding a song that I like to go with it, not the filming or the editing. Now, royalty-free music can be really hard to find and that’s why I did a whole separate video again on that topic, which I will link in the description below for you to watch but it’s definitely worth watching. I put some really great tips in there about how you can find royalty-free music and make sure that you have your own folder on your computer ready to go so that the minute you have a new video to edit, you can just mash it together with the music and off you go.

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