Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Welcome back to part 5 of my miniseries which is all about goal setting. Thank you so much for watching the previous 4 videos and I really hope that it has helped you, but let’s get into the final step which is all about reviewing and refining your goals.

It’s fantastic if you’ve done all the first four steps but to be 100% honest with you, if you don’t do this last step it was kind of all for nothing. The reason is you can’t just write your goals at the start of the year, put them at the back of your mind, never think about them again and hope that you’re going to get to the 31st of December and have achieved everything. I have a few tools that I use to make sure that I’m constantly reviewing my goals. Some of them are having calendar reminders to even just review my goals. Another thing I do is I will automatically have the goals document to open up every time I open Chrome. And when it opens up I’d like to have a quick check through it and see if I’ve achieved anything and then actually mark it off. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to say that you actually achieve one of the goals that you set.

If you’re a bit worried that you’re not going to actually do the reviewing, that’s understandable. I know it happens to me a lot and so what I’ve implemented to sort of counteract that is to have an accountability buddy. Emma is my accountability buddy and we both have calendar reminders that are shared so that if it reminds me and I do nothing about it, it also reminded Emma and Emma’s got her own goals and so we might ask each other like hey, did you review your goals or hey I reviewed my goals and I found that I like you know achieve two things. It might motivate Emma to go and check her goals and then sort of works vice-versa.

Something fun that you could do with all your friends has a day every year which is your vision boarding day. Now, I actually made my friends on my birthday last year come away to the south coast and I said to them bring inspirational photos because we’re going to do vision boarding and we all sat around the table and we did vision boards. I know that isn’t that probably the lamest thing to do on your birthday, but I loved it and it was actually just really cool to like check in with my friends and see what they want to achieve this year and just talk about what we want to do in our lives. I actually think it’s a really fun day, but you might say like the first of February or the first of every New Year instead of going out before you might have an early morning on New Year’s Day and in my vision board, but I think to involve lots of people in the process so that if you don’t feel motivated, hopefully, someone else in the group will.

The other important part of reviewing your goals is actually refining. I know that as I you know sort of getting throughout the year, sometimes my goals change. I think wow like how could my goals have changed so quickly in the space of a month or sometimes like I’ll achieve the goal and I think now I need another goal or I need to you know sort of stretch myself a little bit further. But if you’re not actually refining, then you’re probably just going to achieve the goals, get to that point and then sort of be done. Whereas, I think you constantly need to review and refine and just constantly keep this momentum going and hopefully you’ll be able to achieve all the goals and hopes and dreams that you have for your life.

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