Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Welcome back to part 4 of this miniseries which is all about goal setting. Today is a bit of a woo-woo topic which is manifesting. Now a lot of people have different definitions of what manifesting is but manifesting to me is pretty much like creating subliminal reminders in your life of what you want to achieve so that the universe kind of like is working with you to achieve it while you’re also working hard.

I know a lot of people think that you can just sort of like write something down and then it will miraculously happen and then I don’t necessarily believe that. I think it’s a bit of a combination. I think it’s like 95% hard work and then 5% like woo-woo where it’s like the universe has to like provide you with the opportunity or like some alignment of events has to happen for you to be able to put the 95% of work in at the exact right time for you to achieve your goal.

I don’t know if this is making any sense so let me try and give you an actual practical example. Two things that I do is I use all my logins and sort of like pin codes as ways to remind myself of all my goals. For my long complicated passwords, I often use that as a way to put my turnover in. Obviously, I don’t write the number because that would probably be very easy to copy I might write a combination of the number and I might change certain characters into letters and you know obviously make it a little bit more complicated than a basic password but it just means every single time you log in to your laptop wall or your Netbank, that’s like hundreds of times a day, you’re reinforcing that goal whatever it is like you know a million, two million, ten million.

It could be even a savings goal like if you want to save $10,000. Every time you type $10,000, it’s like this little reminder into your brain like that’s how much you want to save. I don’t know the actual workings of it all, but I truly believe that by constantly just like reinforcing, reinforcing, reinforcing intervention like a sort of starts to happen in combination with the work that you’re doing.

Another great one I love to do is to use my pin code as a postcode because generally, they’re like four digits, so I’ll often write like the postcode of the suburb that I’d love to either live in or buy a holiday house in.

In my last video, I also mentioned the fact that I put my vision boards in the backgrounds of all of my devices—my laptop, my phone. I also have it in the background of my Gmail. It just means that constantly all the time I’m getting like these little snippets of imagery of things that I want to achieve in my life and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I honestly it’s sometimes freaky.

Let me give you an example, a couple of years ago, I put the likes some photos of the Hong Kong Qantas lounge on my vision board. It was more so that I just wanted to travel and you know to travel in the lounge and all that sort of stuff. What ended up happening I think in the next six weeks, I went to Hong Kong unexpectedly three times and was in the Qantas Travel lounge and I remember like sitting at my desk and at the time, I had my vision board at my desk at the office and I looked across from my laptop screen and there were photos of the Hong Kong Qantas lounge. I was like oh my goodness, in the last six weeks I’ve been there three times unexpectedly. So it’s kind of like what happened there? Did I like accidentally manifest going to Hong Kong when I was trying to represent was like so like luxury travel or something like that? I think sometimes you have to be a little bit careful with your manifesting because it can almost work a little too well.

I know so many people are the skeptic. A lot of my friends are skeptic but I have like so many little examples in my life of things that have happened where you know I could be walking down the street and be thinking you know I really want to get a blow-dry for that event going to next week and I’ll be given a voucher and (inaudible) for like a free blow-dry, a blow-dry bar or something like that.

Even if you’re not a believer, that you may want to help one of your friends who is. One of the things that I and my friends do, we actually have ourselves saved in each other’s phones with little emoticons of things that we want to achieve. A great example is my friend Lauren. She has desperately wanted to move to New York and work and live there for ages. I think probably over a year ago or longer, I put the emoticons for her name as like you know the Statue of Liberty or whatever like New York ones I could find in like an airplane and just all these little things and I think it was like last week, she got her visa for New York. It was so funny because when she messaged me all the little icons came up, oh my goodness, how crazy is that? You’ve been working towards this.

Now in no way did I manifest Lauren going to New York, but it’s kind of just like this constant reinforcement because every time I’ll get a message from her, Lauren New York, Lauren New York and then I’d see her and I’d be like hey, how’s the New York thing going like what’s happening now? And then it kind of reminds her like you know I really need to like get onto that I need to follow this up and it’s kind of like everyone working together to achieve your goals.

I hope you found this video useful. If you did, please give it alike. Now if you’ve been manifesting for a long time and you have some great examples, please put them in the comments below so that all the non-believers can see that it does work for some people. Look there’s only one part left of my miniseries about setting goals so please subscribe and you’ll get notified of that and I really hope to see you in the next video. Bye!