Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. In today’s video, I’m going to be doing a comparison for you between screw-on lenses for your iPhone or smartphone and clip-on lenses.

The reason why I’ve been exploring and using attachable lenses for my iPhone is because I’ve been doing some smartphone or vlogging and if you’ve watched any of my other videos with like my tips for smartphone vlogging, you’ll know that one of the struggles I guess you have is actually framing yourself because your arm is too short to get yourself into the frame naturally. Generally, you need to create a little bit more distance between you and your phone and so I’ve been using a selfie stick and I’ve also been testing out the wide-angle lenses.

The two that I’m reviewing today is the Cygnet clip-on wide-angle lens, which I bought from JV High Five for $39.95 and then the other one is the Moment scroll lens so it actually comes with this case. Ignore the pot socket that I’ve attached. With the wide-angle lens for that as well and you have to have the case because it screws on over the top of your camera. The Moment lens, the wide-angle lens, and the case came to AU$186 once you included the shipping.

Now, what I do when I’m testing equipment is I actually always film a full vlog using the gear. I don’t just take it and do a couple of shots here. I actually film for like a whole day using it. For the Cygnet lens, I did my vlog where I was getting my headshots done so I get headshots done for PR. Then with the Moment lens, I filmed for the day when I was doing a presentation to City Bank about determination. I just did a bit of a vlog talking about whether or not start-up entrepreneur should do speaking gigs or not.

Starting with the Cygnet lens or just lens that clip-on in general, it does do the trick in that it gets the wide enough angle for you to be able to get the shot with vlogging. The problem is though it doesn’t have any sort of way of like staying still so if you knock it in any way, it tends to actually not be lined up perfectly with your iPhone camera and you’ll get blurred edges around the footage that you film. I’ll put in a little bit of footage from one of my vlogs now where you can see all the distortion around the edges.

This was actually really frustrating because it wasn’t something that you know as I was filming, I could constantly go and make sure it was perfectly lined up like as something was happening, I just want to start filming and I ended up having to throw out a lot of footage because the quality was just so poor because it wasn’t lined up perfectly.

For me, I think where this is probably better used is in photography because you’re going to be looking through the lens anyway. With the Moment lens, it was absolutely fantastic quality and because of the fact that it screws onto the case, I had no issues with any of the blurriness or anything like that around the edge of my footage. I quite like the case anyway so I’m happy to have it onto my phone because I am someone who drops my phone and smashes the screen all the time so I have to have a case anyway. Having the case didn’t really bother me.

The thing that I found a little bit like frustrating is it’s actually quite heavy. Obviously, I am not that muscular and strong and so it could possibly just be me suffering but I actually found like and there are a few times in the footage where I kept changing my arm because my arm was getting tired from holding it up. I know you’re thinking like it’s this tiny little thing like this girl’s got no muscles.

Then just for me, you know being I guess female even if you’re a male and you want to like put your phone in your pocket, you sort of going to be a bit like what do I do now, unscrew that, put this in. I found that I was a bit cautious like when I was throwing my phone is my bag, I was a bit worried about if the lens would come off so I’d often like take the lens off and then put the lens back on.

I didn’t actually feel like the footage quality is any better. I just feel like it changed the angle. It’s sort of like instead of having you know the frame that you have here and what I might do is in some footage in here where I show you the difference between the regular iPhone and then adding the wide-angle and how much difference that makes because yeah I just feel like if you’ve got the versatility to just take a few steps back you can achieve the same result.

I feel like this might be again more applicable to photography, but at this point when it comes to using attachable lenses for videography, I’m not 100% certain that it’s worth the investment and I think I would more than likely sort of spend my money on something like a selfie stick which I have a separate video where I talk about what you should look for with a selfie stick. I just think it’s a lot more versatile. You can get yourself into the frame and make it wide-angle, but you’ve also got a tripod and you’ve also got you know a lot of other things that come into the mix when you buy a selfie stick as opposed to an attachable lens.

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