Elyse: Hi! Welcome back to my channel. Today, Emma, my trustee vlog sidekick who never agreed to be part of the vlog, and I are heading into the city to go to a City of Sydney business event called The Future is Female.

Emma and I love to go networking but we’ve never she’d been to a City of Sydney event. This is a totally different vibe for us because it’s like a council or government-run event and I think Naomi Simson from RedBalloon is hosting. Jo Burston from Inspiring Rare Birds is part of it. Who else?

Emma: I think Clover Moore is going to be there too.

Elyse: Oh yeah, Clover Moore. The Mayor is going to be opening it because it’s at Customs House which is one of my favourite venues. I love it in Sydney. I’m hoping that we’re in a room with a good view so that’ll be good for vlog.

So pretty much we’re just heading into the city now and I will check back then but as you know or if you’re familiar with my channel, I always test out different equipment when I’m vlogging. Today, I’m testing out this iOgrapher and can I just say Emma’s a good friend because this thing is not subtle. My vlogging gear is getting larger.

Let me show you like look can you see me in the mirror. It’s got like handles. It’s got this like big, wide angle lens which is definitely helping to take me in the frame which is pretty good, right guys? Instead of always not having my head in the frame. So definitely looking like a tourist tonight.

This is the building I used to live in. I love it so much. It was my favourite building.

Just fun little Sydney tourists. There’s like a mini model of Sydney in Customs House. You can walk over it. How cute! Let me find something that’s actually—Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.


So, of course, we saw someone with a cookie, and so we had to go look for cookies.

These guys are trying to compete with my gear.

Okay, so we just finished. It was very interesting. It’s different to what I expected so it was a lot of talking actually about the fact that so 1.5 businesses are started by female entrepreneurs, but less than 2% of venture capital goes to female entrepreneurs which is something I talked about in the StartMate vlog that I did.

There’s this woman, Vicki Saunders from SheEO telling her story. It was so crazy. She started this simple like KidsNRG or something like that. Cool company. It ended up being listed on the stock exchange or whatever it was. It became public and at the 11th hour, they like said to her that she couldn’t be the CEO in it and put a male CEO in and she ended up crying and they were like “exactly”. Who says you can’t be the CEO and cry, right? (Inaudible)

You can be a CEO and be female but you’re not allowed to cry.

Anyway, so what she decided to do to start SheEO, which is really, really interesting. What they did is they take 500 women who all donate $1100 into like an accelerator and then they are responsible to pick five companies to fund their ideas and those women get loans with no interest attached to them and they have to pay them back within five years which apparently 97% women pay back their loans which is really good rate.

It’s really cool and then the most interesting part of it was that the five women who get elected as private incubator have to decide how the money gets split and you can’t have one person (inaudible) and you can’t have five equal splits. They have to work together and work out how to split the 500,000.

Cool night. Some really interesting speakers coming out. The city of Sydney is bringing lots of international speakers. They’re bringing—who was it from Y Combinator?

Emma: I don’t know.

Elyse: I’m obsessed. Like that’s the only accelerator in the world that I would ever consider. Apparently, it’s harder to get into Y Combinator than it is to get into Harvard.

Emma: Really?

Elyse: Yes. It’s so intense. We’ll vlog it and try to get into Y Combinator. Anyway, as per usual, Emma and I are now going to go eat because that’s our priority. So we’re heading out now.

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See you next time. Bye!