Hi! Welcome back to my channel. I’m starting today’s vlog in my mirror because I wanted to show you what I’m wearing because it’s kind of relevant to today’s vlog. I’m wearing this little Showpo jumpsuit which is really cute. It’s because I’m going to the Showpo 7th birthday party and new office party. So I wanted to show you that. I don’t remember where this belt is from.

My shoes are from Kmart. I love Kmart shoes. I’m obsessed with Kmart shoes. Every summer I buy these shoes in tan and black and literally wear them every day. They’re like the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever find and they’re like $19 or something like that.

I might do a wardrobe tour. I’m not sure I haven’t decided yet. But I was thinking about doing that. You may not know that with my vlogs, it’s pretty much like a vlog about me learning how to vlog, which is kind of crazy I know. I use a different editing app every single time and then I will do a separate review and I upload that for you guys. If you’re interested in that, definitely subscribe. Heading off to the city now.


I just got home and I’m so tired. It was such a fun night. It’s always such a fun night with Jane and the Showpo crew. They definitely know how to party. I am trying to rehydrate. The reason why I’m sitting on the floor in my room is that my phone went dead. I think I was just filming so much so it’s plugged in. I wanted to make sure that I ended this vlog and thank you guys for watching.
If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up because then that way, I know to make more vlogs like this and if you want to see more from me, I upload every Monday and Friday and sometimes surprise mini vlogs on Wednesdays. If you subscribe, you’ll get notified of when those videos come out. I will see you guys in my next video.