Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, you’re synopsis of everything to do with the video. You may have watched one of my previous videos which were “5 Things That I Like About Vlogging”, but if you didn’t, essentially, I’ve been vlogging now for three months and I’m a bit uncertain about whether I like or dislike it at the moment. So what I’ve actually done is I’ve made a video with 5 things that I like about vlogging and today’s video is 5 things that I dislike about vlogging.

1. Encroachment on quality time. I’m a busy entrepreneur and so my time is sort of stretched as it is at the moment anyway and so I have a lot of difficulties really carving out a good quality time for like my husband and my family and my friends. For me, I’ve always been someone who’s kind of like no technology rule at the dining table. When I’m with friends, I really try and put my phone away. It seems a bit like the opposite to now be getting out of the camera and wanting to vlog as opposed to really just being in the moment. That’s been a real struggle.

2. I’ve always filmed and I loved filming, but when I filmed in the past, it was very discrete and in the background where I sort of was just like filming what was going on. Whereas, I feel like with vlogging it’s a lot more in the forefront because while everyone that you’re with knows what’s going on, you generally have to stop and explain to the vlog what’s going on. There’s a lot of like oh, I’m up here with my friends and this is happening and that’s happening. It sort of stops the moment because you’re actually explaining what’s going on as opposed to like when you’re sort of just filming something and it’s just like capturing the moment and so what I’ve had to sort of decision is to have some rules around what I’m actually going to vlog.

Something that I’ve sort of set a hard rule on is that whatever on a date or something like that with my husband, I’m definitely not flogging. When I’m in a group sort of setting with like friends and stuff like that, I try and like do it to the minimum. I might look a little bit, but I’ll often try and like startle and my vlog may be like at home. I also explained before I go what’s going to happen then I’ll do some video then I’ll come home and sort of end the vlog there so it doesn’t really impact the people around me like while I’m trying to vlog.

The other thing that I’ve pretty much decided is that I’m generally not going to vlog around my family because my siblings have young kids. I just don’t really think it’s appropriate for me to put them on my vlog, to be honest.

3. A concern for privacy. I decided that I wanted to vlog but not everyone in my life got to make that decision as well. I feel like it’s totally fine if I want to film myself, but I feel like if I want to include other people in my vlog, I definitely have to ask their permission and I think with kids, in particular, they don’t really understand what a vlog is and what that impact is going to be on them. I just generally don’t think it’s great to put kids into vlogs. Again like everyone can do what they want to do I’m sure there’s going to be tons of comments below about why you should have your kids on your blog that’s totally fine, but for me especially that they’re not my children, they’re my nieces and nephews, I decided that like when I was with family, I just wasn’t going to include the kids in my vlog.

Even outside of my family I actually have a lot of friends who have no social media, which is 2017, I know is quite shocking when everyone probably has multiple profiles and multiple platforms that they use, but I personally am seeing more and more people go to the complete opposite extreme and have no social media who want to go completely off the grid. For me, I know it’s completely against their ethics and what they believe in to put them in a vlog if they’re totally against social media and don’t want to have any sort of public profile at all.

An area that I really struggled with this whole privacy thing that was in really big group settings. A great example is my best friend had the most amazing wedding ever. It was this crazy, carnival wedding. It was so cool. I actually vlogged the whole thing. I have a video of it but there are so many people in it that haven’t really given me that permission to film them for public use. My friend is more than happy for me to share it with like a friendship group, but I don’t necessarily think that everyone who’s been filmed would be happy with to be on a YouTube channel. What I’m thinking of doing is actually editing the footage that I shot so that it’s really only mainly me and sort of just if there’s anyone in the video, it’s sort of like in the background, not really like being like oh this is so and so because yeah I didn’t really ask like hey is it cool if this goes into my public YouTube channel.

I don’t know if you can tell but this is something that I’m kind of like really struggling with at the moment. I’m super interested in other people who are vlogging have this experience or if they’re just totally fine to film whatever and if someone says something to them later, then they might take it down. If you’re vlogging I would love to know if you could write in the comments below how you handle it. What do you do in big group settings? Do you ask permission? This whole privacy thing is really like I actually myself am quite a private person, which I know sounds crazy because like I’m now vlogging, but there are definitely certain things about my life that I’d never reveal or talk about. For me, I just know that that’s how I personally feel and so others probably feel the same way too. Privacy is a big one that for me that I really struggled with when it comes to vlogging.

4. Being on. What I mean is like I’m normal. I have good days and I have bad days. Sometimes I’ve had bad days and it’s days that I was planning to vlog and something’s come up at work or there’s been some other issue that happened and I’ve just been like I don’t want to vlog. I don’t feel like vlogging.

I know that I have seen other vloggers like in particular someone who I love following um is a girl called Aimee Song from Song of Style and her sort of was like presenting this picture-perfect amazing life in her vlogs and everyone watching it was sort of just like how her life’s amazing. Then one day it sort of all became too much to her for her and she had to sort of like do the vlog and say like I’m not happy. I’m going through a lot of stuff. You know, I just can’t be on for you today. I think it’s amazing that she shared that feeling that she was having. I don’t think necessarily I would be ready yet to sort of like expose all of my emotions to everyone who’s following me on YouTube.

For me, I think the decision that I had to make was out on days that I didn’t feel good, I wasn’t going to vlog. I didn’t want to fake it. I didn’t want to fake that hey I’m having like a fabulous time and this is amazing and that’s amazing when it’s not true. I didn’t want people to think that like my life was perfect or anything like that and so I know when you’re following my vlogs, you’re probably only going to see positive things but remember there are times that I didn’t film where there were dramas at work or whatever’s happened.

For me, I think how I’m going to handle this, for now, is that when I’m not feeling good or when I don’t want to fake what’s going on, I’m just going to film. I’m not going to put it on for you guys and again I don’t know how other vloggers handle these sort of situations like if one day they’re having a bad day, if they fake and make themselves seem like they’re happy or if they just tell their audience that they’re having a really bad day. I don’t know if people want to watch like negative stuff. I think I’m more attracted to watching positive things. I don’t know if it would be really that entertaining to watch someone go through a bad time. I definitely would feel compassion and want to help that person, but I just don’t know. I see vlogs as sort of like a little bit more like an entertainment. That whole side of not having to vlog, but I think obviously, you sort of get into a rhythm and then people sort of expect vlogs for you on a certain time frame and so for me, I sort of just made the decision that if I didn’t want to vlog, like I wasn’t going to.

5. Feeling self-conscious. I’m actually quite a confident person, but vlogging is still like quite new and so it’s unusual to be walking down the street holding a camera and like talking to it and stuff like that. Definitely, people stare and I find myself like trying to like go somewhere where it’s like throw it around and live like vlogging and then go out again. I think because vlogging is not as common, it’s always going to feel like a bit weird and I don’t really like that feeling. I’ve definitely noticed that it’s easier if I have friends for some reason like I’m happy to embarrass us all. I just don’t want to embarrass myself.

That feeling is a little bit icky, but I’m getting more used to it. The funny thing is I’m totally fine with like oh like filming outwards of other stuff, but it’s that turning the camera to myself and stopping and just like filming it myself talking that I’m still struggling a bit weird. If anyone has tips for that definitely please put in the comments. I feel like this is just going to be like a video where I’m asking for your help and please put all the advice in the comments below. So feeling self-conscious, not loving it.

6. Commitment. Finding the time to vlog can actually be really challenging. I have to say, it’s not actually the filming. I find the filming part quite easy. It’s the editing afterwards that comes and I think so many people talk about that. Knowing that like there’s just forever more a backlog of videos that I have to edit so it just hangs over you a little bit and so you’re constantly thinking I got to get that next video out. The time commitment of like prepping, even like studio videos like this like prepping it, filming it, editing it, you know, for a 3 or 4-minute video, it can really like me hours of work. I think it’s a really big commitment.

Especially if you want to be successful on YouTube, you need to be consistent so you need to be putting 2 or 3 videos out per week probably. To do that level, it’s almost like a full-time job. It’s sort of like having two jobs at the moment but thankfully, I’m super passionate about video and I am liking it and if you watched my other video, there are definitely things that I’m liking about vlogging as well.

I’m so grateful for the experience, but I just wanted to make this video because I wanted to show you both sides because if you are considering vlogging, I want to be completely transparent and say there are positives and the negatives. It’s really whether or not for you the positives outweigh the negatives, which for me at the moment they are. I’m definitely going to keep vlogging.

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