I’m Elyse from Synoply. Your synopsis of everything to do with the video. Welcome back to episode 2 of my NOT secret project series, which is all about my idea to launch a product on Kickstarter which is going to be an overhead of filming rig, name still to be decided, but essentially something that you can put your smartphone into and do flat lays and overhead time lapses of whatever you’re working on.

I literally only came up with the idea a couple of days ago and what I had intended to do today was to make a proper video telling you how I came up with the idea. The thing has I actually filmed a video diary the day I came up with the idea, which is something that I do. I love to film video diaries just about business and life so I can always go back and watch it. I had never intended to share that footage. It’s generally like a diary. It was only really for me. I was not wearing makeup. It was not in the studio. I like didn’t put any production value into it. I definitely didn’t think I was going to be sharing it. I feel like the video diary just shows so much more organically how I came up with the idea. You can literally like see me thinking of things and taking notes as I’m doing it. What I’m going to do is paste in a part of that footage now:

It is 25th of November 2017. I don’t know what I’m feeling. Today, I was doing some research because we’re going up to Emma’s farm in two week’s time and I want to film a blog where I test out using a drone for the first time. I was researching that and it sort of reminded me that last time we went to the farm in April, and Emma did this amazing cheese board. She always does this amazing cheese boards. So I had my selfie stick because that day, I had gone to a studio with her. She was making content and she was doing flat lays. And so I have taken the selfie stick to try and do like some overhead shot like a time lapse of her doing the flat lays. It was really frustrating because we couldn’t work out how to do like an overhead shot. We ended up having to stick the selfie stick on a ladder, I think, but I remember thinking like this is ridiculous. There’s going to be an easier way. I just assumed that there was.

Now that we’re going up to the farm again, I know she’s making an amazing cheese board and so I was like let me get something to do an overhead shot of everyone eating the cheese board. I can imagine this shot of like everyone just picking the cheeseboard until it’s gone. I started doing some research and I can’t find an overhead filming set up for an iPhone. I was like, “Really? That doesn’t seem right.” I started researching more and more and looking on eBay, Amazon, all these places and I can’t find anything. All I can find is DIY instructions like “Here’s how to make your own overhead rig” and I was like “are you telling me there’s nothing that exists?” So I’ve been on a smartphone like vlogging and testing out this equipment and I had worked out that a selfie stick with a tripod on the bottom. It’s a really good tool for smartphone vlogging. In my mind, I just assumed why wouldn’t you put two selfie sticks and have a rod that goes across them? You just need to find a factory that already makes the selfie stick that you want and all you need to do is get them to take the existing pole that they have and do some sort of a thing that holds the phone and just literally just attach to the existing selfie stick.

I think about so many things from people who create flat lays for Instagram, who want to do time lapses, all that sort of stuff. And the thing is a selfie stick is a great tool anyway that you should have it if you have Insta stories or if you’re doing a Facebook live or if you want to have your phone propped up on it. This would literally just take your existing equipment to the next level and make it so much more versatile.

I did some research in my normal sourcing websites and found a factory who has the exact selfie stick that I want and I’ve contacted them and asked like if we can have Skype meetings after my bio and all that sort of stuff to just give them a bit of an idea of who I am. Now, I’m waiting for them to respond to tell me if we can have a Skype meeting or not.

I think about illustrators, people doing jewelry flat lays, food photography. The thing is when I was with Emma on the first shoot where we did flat lays, I remember thinking this is so hard. You need a photographer, tripod because the problem is when Emma is down on the ground doing the flat lay, then just to get up, take the photos with a tripod and then get back down. The amazing thing about a selfie stick is that she could literally just prop it all up, have it already with the overhead rig, set up the thing, and use the remote and take the photo. She doesn’t have to get up and get down.

I’m just frantically writing out all my ideas over the video and everything like that on to a Google Doc and fingers crossed, I’m going to hear back from this factory. But otherwise, I’m going to start researching other factories anyway because my rule, of course, always has backup factories.

I feel like it’s that moment like is this it? Is this the product? I’m so excited. Fingers crossed that I’m filming in a couple months and telling you that my Kickstarter campaign is live.

That is how I came up with the idea. The next step is to start trying to find a factory who can actually manufacture this product for me. The next episode that I’m going to do is actually my first Skype meeting with one of the factories that I found.

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