Okay, so it’s the next night and I just wanted to do a quick update because I’m super excited. The factory that I spoke to last night has already come back to me today and as I predicted, there was a component in their manufacturing that they already do which can work as a clip to hold the phone onto the overhead rig. This means that I don’t have to pay for mould. I don’t have to delay by designing this component and all of that stuff.

Essentially, I’m taking what they already have and just piecing it together differently. It means I can sort of getting to the next step really, really quickly, but I just wanted to make sort of like a point of I know I said it probably last night about just really pushing for Skype chats because I feel like when I demonstrated to him what the product was and while I was doing and all of that stuff, I think he understood so much better and so I was able to go away and communicate to his team and would be like this is what they’re trying to do. Do we have anything that could work for that? Sorry, I’ve just coughed so much because I’m sick at the moment. Yeah, so I just wanted you a quick update.

The next step is that I have emailed him back and I sort of emailed him and he was cool, love the clip on solution, the next thing I need you to confirm for me is this connector pole and then I pretty much did a summary of everything that we’ve talked about so it’s like I need this selfie stick with this tripod and I need this connector pole with this attachment and I need…you know, I just put like photos and just everything really, really clearly and simply and like crossed out things that I was like this is the wrong component, get rid of that.

We are meant to have another Skype meeting which I’m waiting for him to call back or email back to tell me when then he was going to demonstrate the clip to me and then also talk about the connector pole and then the next thing is that I’m literally just going to be like cool ship me some samples. I’ll let you guys know if they charge me, which normally they do charge you for a sample, but if it’s like a pre-production sample, you only pay $100 but if these are ready components in their factory, he might just charge me whatever the cost is of actually shipping it.

So it’s now the Thursday night at 9 PM and I just got back from an event, but I wanted to film an update for you guys because I ended up having another Skype meeting with the factory today, but my day was so chaotic that I just did not get a chance to stop and film an update but I did record my screen for a part of the meeting so if there’s anything relevant, I’ll chuck it in there. I honestly can’t even remember.

Elyse: Next Friday, I have a photo shoot and I will test it out and see that the quality is all good and that it all works.
Factory manager: You have you have a vlog on YouTube the channel. Amazing!
Elyse: Thank you.

The point of the meeting was that he wanted to show me that the prototype is ready. Tuesday was the first time we spoke. Wednesday, he came back to me with a solution for the clip and I said that was perfect. Now come back to me with the connector pole. Today, the following day, he has the full thing ready. I have gone from idea in my mind to prototype in seven days, which is just insane, absolutely insane. I think obviously if you’re watching this and you’re trying to like do your own Kickstarter campaign, this is obviously not normal. I think obviously there’s part of the experience with manufacturing with China and then a bit of luck that I just happen to find a factory from the very beginning that understood what I need and all that stuff.

Anyway, so I’m super excited because it means that the samples got shipped out today, which is insane. He only charged me for US$45 and so that means he didn’t charge me with the actual samples. It definitely is just the shipping cost. Times 1.3 or 1.35 to get it into AU probably. I don’t want to do math but AU$60-something. That’s super cheap and I’m going to have the goods within three to four days which is so awesome because I’m going to the farm with Emma next Friday so I’m literally going to test it out and I was even thinking I might even film part of the Kickstarter campaign video. I know it’s crazy, but I’m just like while I’m there, why not? I’m super excited.

I just want to share that news with you. I want to end this vlog here because you won’t see it because I’ve edited it out, but I literally ended this vlog three times because I keep thinking that’s it for this episode like there’s nothing else that’s going to happen now until next time.
Essentially, from when I started this now, it’s been seven days. My initial meeting with the factory was two days ago. My initial contact with them was last Thursday. They responded on the weekend or something. I responded on Monday. So it’s super quick. Crazy!

This is really the end of this vlog. If you want to hear more about my Kickstarter campaign, I will link the playlist up here and definitely consider subscribing because I’m obviously going to be doing more and more episodes about this. Like I said, the next episode is going to be me testing out the prototype.

After that, I might talk about my timeline of how I think this Kickstarter campaign is going to go because something that really likes frustrating me at the moment is that I know Chinese New Year is falling from I think the 5th of February to the 5th of March. It’s a bit of a tough situation because there’s not enough time to presale and then manufacture because they will fall into Chinese New Year so I need to work out how I want to go about it. That will probably be the episode after testing the prototype.