Hi! Welcome back to my channel. It is the 28th of November at 6:45 and I’ve just finished my full day of work for Exodus and I’m now going to start working on Synoply.

It’s a Tuesday and I came up with the idea for my Kickstarter campaign last Thursday. I’ve already contacted a factory and arranged a Skype meeting for tonight. I’m definitely not one to move slowly when I come up with an idea. I sort of feel like it’s you can get caught too much in the planning and thinking phase so I’m someone who sort of just as like let me jump into it.
Pretty much like over the weekend, what I did was like I rigged up like a makeshift sort of version like a prototype of what I want to create using like just bits and pieces that I had in the loft and then I also contacted three factories and had one respond who I’m going to speak to you tonight so my goal with the meeting tonight is not to get into the nitty-gritty of like pricing, any of that sort of stuff. What I try and do with my first meeting is to build rapport and to build a relationship.

Now I should mention that when I contacted the factories, again, I didn’t ask about price, I didn’t ask about anything like that. All I did was request a meeting to discuss a certain product with them. I also attached my bio. I know that seems like a weird thing to do, but trust me, in these sorts of situations, it is so much about relationship and sometimes I feel like people will go the extra mile if you show that you’re serious and so my bio obviously shows that I’ve, you know, built a company already and I manufacture in China, all of this sort of stuff.

What was interesting is that prior to the meeting, he found my YouTube channel intro video and made a comment on it, So then I commented back saying “Hey, like looking forward to chatting to you tomorrow night”. It’s sort of just like it’s already setting the groundwork of building a relationship here. I definitely am not going to get too into the nitty-gritty. I will read out some things that I am going to ask him about so that you guys can know what I talk about in these meetings.

The first thing is I do like a bit more of an introduction to me. I ask them to tell me about their factory and I’ll sort of like jump in and be like I so I realize it was founded in 2005. They realized I did research on them. I try to establish who the factory owner is. Then I talk about the location, where are they located. I mentioned I have been to this part of China or that part of China or how far is that from Hongkong and just sort of like show interest in where they’re from and you might ask questions like is that famous for this or whatever. So something just to show like a little bit of interest beyond just like price.

I will ask about like the closest ports in terms of like the airport and sea port. Think about the future of freight, where his customers are based that he looks after, have they worked with any Australian companies, that’s of stuff. I’ve got more like in-depth questions like I will talk about lead times, minimal orders, factory capacity, all of these sort of stuff, but to be honest I probably won’t go into those yet because what I want to do is show him my prototype and I know that think they’re not going to have an answer straight away and they’ll be like it’s going to be this much because they’ve never made it. I will show him that and then say like let’s arrange a time to discuss more details.

That’s what I am doing tonight. I’ve got a few more minutes before I have to call him. I’m also going to try and record a little bit of it. I might actually put some bits and pieces of footage about our actual conversation.

After the Skype call, I’m going to try and do some filming for Synoply tonight because I didn’t film on the weekend, which I normally film every weekend on the Saturday or Sunday. I feel like I’m behind even though I’ve got tons of footage that I need to like edit and get out. I will probably do that next. Exciting Tuesday night. I will check back with you after the Skype call.