Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. If you’re watching this video, I really appreciate it and I really love everyone who’s been interacting with the channel and getting to know me. I thought what I’ll do films another video that tells you a little bit more about myself. You may have watched my other video which was 50 facts about me. If you haven’t, I will put it in the description below. But today’s video is going to be sharing my 3 YouTube obsessions with you guys.

They’re going to be my like weird ones. We all have them. They’re those sort of videos that you like to stumble upon ones and then you find yourself hours and hours later, weeks later, months later, watching more about videos along the same topic because YouTube keeps recommending them to you and you’re obsessed and you don’t know why you’re watching them because it’s ridiculous and it’s nothing to do with what you would normally watch, but somehow you develop this strange habit, an obsession.

One of my favourite things to do is that parties, if you like sort of sitting around I’ll say, hey, like what’s them weird YouTube obsession you have and most people have it. They’ll say I happen to watch videos on this or I liked watching videos on that. Today, I’m going to confess what my three weird YouTube sessions are.

  1.       Miniature real food cooking.

If you don’t know what miniature real food cooking is, it’s essentially cooking miniature food that’s really so you can eat it. It’s edible. I must have watched my first video like four or five years ago and now I’m obsessed. I just can’t help but watch them. It’s so strange because like in no way do they have like amazing production value like they’re very budget, no sounds, they’re talking, nothing. It’s literally like a silent like a 10-minute video where all you see is someone’s hands as they like very delicately and intricately make miniature food that you know you could never replicate anyway and there’ll be no satisfaction in eating because it’s like not even a mouthful.

There is something about it that is just so mesmerizing. Every single I guess motion that they do whether it’s like cutting a tiny tomato or boiling a tiny pot of water, it’s incredible. I can’t believe some of the things that they create. One of my favourite creations is this like mini soufflé-looking thing. I might just snip in a little bit of that here. Isn’t that crazy? It blows my mind. I can watch hours and hours of that.

  1.       Japanese Rock balancing.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but let me tell you what it is. It’s essentially people generally Japanese people in Japan, in the rivers of Japan who balance rocks in the river without any sort of like assistance or aids and no glue or anything. They literally just stand in the river for hours and like put one rock and then they put another rock and like try and get to balance and then they do more and more and more. Again, there’s like no amazing production or like audio, people talking. It’s literally just a video of someone trying to balance rocks in a river. I could watch it for days. I literally just find it so calming and I’ll just sit there and just stare and is it going to get it. What if it all tips over? This is all very exciting. I don’t know what it is like I think it’s because it’s like so calm and relaxing but then there’s a little bit of like tension because like you think the rocks could fall over. I’ll show you what it looks like.

  1.       Tiny house tours.

We’re back with the theme of the tiny stuff. This time it’s tiny houses instead of tiny food. If you’ve watched any of my other videos, you may know that in the last couple of years I’ve been coming more and more minimalist and I think I probably did some searching on YouTube about minimalism and then all of a sudden, I saw videos about tiny houses. I love tiny house tours of when the tiny house is completed.

What is a tiny house? A tiny house is not like a miniature, it’s not like a doll’s house. It’s a house that people live in, but there’s sort of this trend happening where people sort of going away from these big four or five bedroom mansion and so they’re just stripping down back to basics and living in the bare minimum of what it actually takes to I guess survive in a house. They generally like the size of a trailer but they’re amazing like they’ll have a kitchen, a lounge room, two bedrooms, a study like it’s absolutely insane.

The things that I love the most are like the multi-functional furniture. There’ll be like a stool that you step on to get to the second level of the loft, but it’s also a storage box. And then when you flip the lead it becomes like a laptop table for your knees and then when you connect it to the other stool, it becomes the end of the bed and it just goes on and on and on. Because the space is so limited, they have to make you know every inch count and so there’s always like great little gadgets and little reveals should fit a wardrobe, in the bathroom and they manage to fit a washer and dryer.

I love them. I just love watching them. I always get so excited to see what they reveal next and how much they could fit in and how much light there is and there’s like a guest bedroom. I’ll put in a little bit of one of my favourite tours.

Anna: Hello from Alaska. My name is Anna White. Our latest project is this rustic, modern, tiny house. There’s lots of storage underneath here. There’s a cushion on so they can double as a flat desk and you can convert it right into a desk. Flip it over and have a chair. See you later. Got to get back to work.

So there you go. They’re my three slightly weird YouTube obsessions. But I think when you sort of analyze them, they all have a bit of a common theme and that they’re like very like methodical, very slow, patient like there’s no chaos or anything. Everything’s in place, really organized. I think it’s just a total opposite of me and that’s why I like it. I’m a crazy, busy entrepreneur and so I’m always running around. I would say I’m pretty organized but sometimes I just leave things the last minute. I’m not patient. I’m not a big, big planner. I think for me, it’s quite enjoyable to watch like the opposite of that and I almost use these like videos as a bit of my downtime or like my meditation to just relax and wind down after my chaotic days.

If you thought this video was interesting or entertaining, I’d loved if you gave it a like so that I know to make more videos like this. You know what I really love? I’d love to know what your YouTube obsessions are. Please comment below with your own YouTube sessions and I’ll check them out and probably become obsessed with them and spend hours and hours and hours watching videos that I shouldn’t be watching, but it’s all in good fun.

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