Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. If you watched my recent Melbourne Cup vlog, you will know that I was testing out a couple of different pieces of equipment that day, one of which was the Joby Griptight Gorillapod video. I bought these for $72 from Digital Camera Warehouse and I have to say I was pretty excited because I’ve heard so many positive things about Joby and I know so many professional YouTubers will use a Joby Grip with a DSLR camera as their vlogging setup. So for me, I thought okay, well, this is probably the next logical step because I’ve tried the selfie stick, maybe the Joby Grip will be a little bit better. But I have to say, I was very disappointed and so the majority of this review is not going to be positive but what I do want to start out with is what I liked.

What I did like about it is the fact that it is extremely light and compact. As I mentioned, I have been vlogging with a selfie stick so even though the selfie stick does fall down, it definitely doesn’t get as compact as this. So for me, the compact part of it was really great.

The other thing that I liked is I was able to just sort of angle out the legs far enough and put my iPhone into the holder and it gives you just enough distance to be able to get yourself in the frame when you’re smartphone vlogging. If you watched some of my previous videos, you will know that one of the challenges I’ve talked about with smartphone vlogging is generally you can’t get your arm far enough away so that you can capture yourself in the frame without having a little bit of something to extend your arm or having a wide angle lens attached to your phone. For me, in terms of being able to address the wide-angle framing issue. This was really good.

The other thing that I found really good about it is it added just enough stability to my vlogging setup that I could sort of be doing some shots like this and it wasn’t as shaky as when you hold your phone and try and do the same sort of shots.

Those are the two things that I found really positive about the Joby Grip. But let’s go into the negative things.

The first thing that I found extremely frustrating is that my phone kept slipping out of this holder. Let me just go grab an old phone that I have lying around to show you what I mean.

I hope you can see this but essentially there’s a little bit of distance between the phone and the end and I’m sure that’s so it can hold the multiple different smartphones but the problem for me is that over time, it just keeps slipping and slipping so that my phone becomes on this diagonal. Then very often like one side would start to slip out and I was always paranoid that my phone was going to fall out ad drop. That was really frustrating because I just didn’t feel like my phone was secure in the holder.

The second thing that I disliked and just didn’t understand was this panning handle as what I’m calling it. I’m imagining if you had this tied on to a pole near the beach or something like that. That would be great to do a panning shot but I just don’t think that you would actually use this as often as you might think and then the problem for me is it just kept getting in the way so constantly like having to try and move it to be able to tie the Joby Grip on to different things.

The other thing I kept finding is that it would unbalance the weight so when I had my phone attached, this side was slightly heavier because of this and so my phone would start tipping which I might put in some footage where there was a couple of examples of that happening.


So the next thing I tested for was to see how it worked just as a basic tripod. Say you’re doing a Facebook Live or something and you wanted to just put it on to a flat surface. I found that that’s where it was really very difficult because it’s so hard to get these legs back to perfectly straight and then the problem with that is if they’re not perfectly straight, you’ve now got a tripod that’s not level and then there is no spirit level on this tripod to be able to get it back to exactly level. One worked (inaudible 04:41) is maybe is if you had an iPhone app that you could use to try and make it level, but yeah, it was definitely very frustrating like trying to—again, this handle is just in the most awkward spot so you sort of got to get that out of the way, go to try and get this back in and just for a studio-type setting or just sitting somewhere and wanting to talk to your iPhone, I just think you’d be better off with a really cheap tripod or a selfie stick with a tripod attached which I have a separate video where I’ve talked about the best selfie sticks that I think you can use for smartphone vlogging. I’ll that in the description below.

Then still talking about these bendy legs, I had a lot of difficulty when I was trying to tie it to things to actually get it to hold and the problem again came back to the weight of my phone would often just tip the whole thing down or would tip this way or the weight of this would make it tip again. It seemed like a great idea.

I think maybe if I was much more outdoorsy and say I was going for like a bush walk and I wanted to get a very artistic shot where it’s like this is in the tray with your phone and you want to walk past it, that’s great. If you’re saying like a fitness vlogger or something you do a lot of outside training and you want to have some really creative shot, I think it’s really good for that. I think it’s more like an adventurous type piece of equipment. In particular, in relation to that is that these end blue parts are actually magnetic. I thought that’s a great idea. I have so many ways I can use that. Then when it came to the reality of actually using it, I very rarely could think of a situation where I needed to use the magnetic ends so I was trying to just come up with some really creative shots where it’s like I put on my garage door and like try and make a shot out of that.

What I found is when there is no iPhone in it, it is extremely strong. It will stick on to the metal like there is no tomorrow. As soon as you add an iPhone, it just started to slip and slip and slip and slip and so it wouldn’t actually hold and even if it was a metal pole where I would wrap the legs around the pole and then use the magnets as an extra weight to keep it to hold, I again found it was either slipping down the pole or the phone was sort of unbalancing it and so by the time I’d actually just set up anything, I was so frustrated that I just don’t want to film. I just started to get really frustrated with it and even this which I’ve got to mention, it sort of just screws on the top part and then trying to just very quickly change the angle. I would try and like just unscrews a bit but that doesn’t work. You have to sort of like move this pole.

All in all, I just don’t think that this is a really good device for smartphone vlogging. Now, in no way did they promote it as that but obviously, you know that I’m smartphone vlogging and I’m trying to find some really good accessories that can improve your video quality without spending a lot of money and so I thought using a Joby Grip would be a good idea especially because I know that a lot of professional vloggers do use these with their DSLRs but unless there are some other versions of this product which I’ll have to go and look for from Joby, this one, in particular, is not good for smartphone vlogging.

I also don’t think it would be good for say if you’re an entrepreneur like me and you just want to have a tripod at home that you can quickly put your smartphone on to and you like a Facebook Live or something like that, definitely wouldn’t recommend it. I think what this is really suited for is if you are an adventurous type of person who does a load of say you do mountain bike riding. This will be great to attach to your mountain bike and get some shots that way.

But I think if you’re just trying to use it for everyday basic filming, then it’s probably not the right piece of equipment for you. At this point, I do think a selfie stick is a better option for the Joby Grip tripod if you are doing some smartphone vlogging. Like I mentioned previously, I have a video which goes through some tips on how to pick the right selfie sticks so I will link that to the description below.

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