Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. If you watched my last video, you all know that I went to Hamilton Island and vlogged the whole trip on a GoPro. In today’s video, I’m going to be doing a review on whether or not it’s possible to vlog with a GoPro. The short answer is yes. I absolutely loved vlogging with my GoPro. But there definitely were some positives and negative and I’m going to go through both of those for you. I should mention that I have GoPro in the past and made travel videos but typically, I always filmed outwards and never really face the camera in on me and talked. That was a different experience for me.

The biggest positive for me I think is the fact that the GoPro is so discreet. If you’ve tried any type of vlogging, you know that it can be embarrassing sometimes to be walking around with a camera filming yourself. A lot of people tend to look. Whereas with a GoPro, it’s so small that people can barely even see it in your hand that I found that I could be sort of vlogging to myself and people wouldn’t even really notice so it was less embarrassing I found than smartphone vlogging.

The second positive is that the video quality on the GoPro is amazing. The power that such a small camera has, it honestly looks like DSLR footage.
The third positive that I really liked about vlogging with a GoPro was that it was so versatile. Now, being in Hamilton Island, I was in the water a lot and so I really liked being able to just take the same camera in with me and continue vlogging while I was in the water.

There were a few negatives with GoPro vlogging as well. First one is you couldn’t really use a selfie stick and vlog at the same time. The reason is that the GoPro doesn’t have an attachment to put on to a selfie stick without having the casing on. Then once you have the casing on, you’re not actually able to record any sound because the microphone is covered up inside the casing. It’s not possible to talk while you got the GoPro on a selfie stick.
The second thing that I didn’t 100% like is the fact that the camera is so wide angled that you very often saw your arm in the footage and that sort of looked a little bit weird but it wasn’t the end of the world.

One thing that I struggled with as I was filming was that the version of the GoPro I have doesn’t have the screen on the back so I wasn’t able to watch the footage and actually check if I had captured anything good or not but I believe the newer GoPros, you have that on the back so that is something you probably don’t have to worry about if you’re buying a current GoPro.

The last thing that I found a bit annoying was the beeping. I don’t know if the new GoPros have that or if it’s even possible to turn that off, but I’m the type of person who stops starts quite a lot, turns my camera off to save the battery and so I just felt like it was constantly beeping and even my husband was sort of jokingly making the beeping sound. That got a little bit annoying.

The last thing that wasn’t great was the noise that gets captured when you’re filming in the wind. But this is something that happens with all cameras, to be honest, unless you have an external mic which has one of those sorts of protectors on top of it.

All in all, I thought that the GoPro vlogging experience was actually really good. I actually found it probably almost easier that smartphone vlogging, but I think the camera itself doesn’t have some of the features that your smartphone does.

What I’m actually hoping to do is get one of the newer GoPros and I’m going to vlog that and see if that experience is a lot better but all in all, if you have a GoPro and if you’re thinking about starting vlogging, it’s definitely a camera that I would recommend. If you’re not sure about using the GoPro but you still want to start vlogging, another camera I recommend is the one on your smartphone.

I have another video which is all about smartphone vlogging which I will link in the description below. If you haven’t watched my video from Hamilton Island which is a vlog all shot on GoPro, I will also link that in the description below.

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