What I’ve been very excited to talk to you about and what relates to this bag…

One of the things that I have found that has helped me the most with becoming minimalist is by renting my occasion wear. Anytime I have like an awards dinner, even just like a 30th birthday, an anniversary dinner or something like that and I want to wear something really nice, I want to wear something really fashionable and I just want to feel like I’m not reusing all the same clothes over and over again, instead of going and buying something to wear to like a wedding for example, I will go and rent.

Tonight I’m going to the Telstra Women’s Business Awards and so I rented a dress and I rent always through Glam Corner. It’s not sponsored. I just love them. What happened is the dress that I had rented had actually not been returned by the previous person who rented it, so they said to me to pick back up dresses, we’ll send those to you and then when the other one arrives, we’ll courier it to you. But just in case, you’ll have those backup dresses. Originally, I picked this dress to wear to tonight, but because I picked two backup dresses, I actually have the 30th birthday tomorrow and it’s a vineyard in the barrel and so I feel like this dress is going to be perfect for that so I’m going to wear that tomorrow. It’s Bronx and Banco. Pretty much, I think it costs about like $60 to 80 or something like that to rent and then the dress is like worth maybe like $400 or something like that. Maybe I can put in the description below how much each dress was or maybe I’ll put on the screen how much each dress was to rent and how much the retail value was.

That was sort of my like pretty safe dress that I knew you like will sort of go well and all that stuff. I decided with my two backup dresses to get something I wouldn’t normally pick. Shall I put them on? I think I’m going to put them on. This is the original dress that I rented. Let me step back so you can see. Okay, so this was the first backup dress that I got. It’s still pretty safe but like a little bit more interesting than the first one. The first dress was my original pick and was sort of like safe and what I’d normally wear.

Did you notice I think I’m just going to sit here and film the end of this video in this dress since I have nowhere else to wear and have to return it on Monday? This dress was like more of a like way out there just get it in the case and I think it would have been alright, but it was just a bit too tight on my hips, to be honest. I had the first dress which was sort of like the safe dress that I’m going to wear to the 30th tomorrow in Barrel and then I’m going to wear, I don’t even know what colour that is, coral I think. It might be coral dress to the Telstra Business Awards Night which I’m vlogging so keep an eye out for that.

I hope that you enjoyed this video, my wardrobe tour. I hope some of the tips that I shared about how I’ve been becoming more and more minimalist helped you in particular like renting your occasion wear so you still get to feel like fun and you even get to wear something that you probably normally wouldn’t wear because I don’t think you’d buy a dress like this or you might. It depends on who you are and how much money you have and stuff like that. But I probably wouldn’t buy a canary yellow dress because I think people would notice that I was wearing it all the time. That’s my wardrobe tour. I hope you enjoyed it. Like I said I’m also going to do a bedroom tour.

At the start of this video, I mentioned if you’ve got any tips I’d love to hear them. I’d love if you guys know any recommendations on bags to reduce my bag collection. I’d love it if you guys commented below and just told me any like suggestions on how I could condense like my hanging clothes section or what to do about my gym gear and stuff like that because I think I’m doing pretty well, to be honest in terms of becoming a minimalist, but I still know that there’s a little bit of a way to go.

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