Okay, so this is my wardrobe. Now, this half is my husband’s stuff and then where we store all the cushions when they’re not on the bed. This is the majority of my stuff. Where I think I’m doing a pretty good job on is actually my accessories. I made the decision that I would just have two accessory colors—tan/nude and black. I have just two handbags and these are pretty much the handbags that I use every single day. This black one is from (inaudible). This one, I honestly have no idea. I can’t remember. I think it’s just a cheaper bag.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in my other videos, but I’m obsessed with Kmart shoes. I have these wedges in black and tan and literally wear them every single day in summer, spring, autumn pretty much. They’re the most comfortable wedges you will literally ever buy. I can wear them all day long and have no issues and then like $19.

I have one pair of like fancy, I guess you call them, nude shoes. This is what I wear if I’m going to something important like an awards dinner or something like that. Nude pretty much goes with everything right.

Trainers and my Converse.

The only thing missing from my shoe collection is my pair of black winter boots. That’s because I literally in winter would wear the same pair of black ankle boots every single day to the point that by the end of winter I literally have to throw them out. They’re just so worn out.

When it comes to little bags, I feel like I still have room to condense with this. I have like a black clutch and then I have a black line across the shoulder bag. What I was thinking of doing is trying to find a bag that does both. I’m trying to find one that doesn’t have a metal chain because I think metal chain looks too night time. I want one that has a leather strap and is suitable for day-to-night. I could also get or condense this into one as well so I have like a nude evening bag and sort of like a little bag when I don’t carry a big bag. If you guys have any recommendations of like cute day-to-night bags that you think could work, let me know that I probably will end up selling my night time bags and my two daytime bags already for an upgrade.

Little pouches. I have a nude pouch, a black pouch, and a navy one, which my friend, Anna, gave me and monogrammed. Pretty much these are just like when I don’t want to take a bag, I’m just literally going to take so you know a key card and a key or something with me, I’ll put those in there.

Now, in terms of belts, I just had two hooks here. I pretty much just have a tan skinny belt, a black skinny belt, and then this is more like a waist belt.

The top drawer is my husband’s and then I have my socks, underwear, bras, swimwear, which I’m not going to show you guys. I think I don’t need to show you my undies yet.

Okay, so these three shelves are my pyjamas and then I have like casual wear like shorts, leggings, track pants, jumper.

The bottom shelf is my gym wear, which I still feel like I have quite a lot of gym wear because I go either to the gym or the park with my dog like on a daily basis. I always need something fresh to wear and I do like a load of whites or darks like once a week and so I feel like if I didn’t have as many as I like as many items as I do, I’d have to do an extra load of per week, which sort of defeats the purpose. Gym gear is one thing that I struggled to have less off.

Then this bag which I will talk to you about later has one of my hacks for how I stay minimalist, but I’m going to go through that later.

Let’s jump into the hanging clothes. I try and keep them grouped by colour. I think something that helps in general with becoming more minimalist is to have a colour scheme. I generally wear black, white grey, navy, and maroon. By having like a colour scheme, it makes it so much easier to mix and match a lot of the items that you already own.

I have my Synoply t-shirts of course. I like to keep two downstairs so that it’s a constant reminder to me that I need to film videos. Two black pencil skirts—pleather one and then a regular one. I think that I probably will combine at some point and just keep my pleather one because that’s the one that I wear most of the time. Worktops that go with my pleather skirts.

These two cute little playsuits. This is actually the only clothing I’ve bought really recently and it’s from Showpo because I went to the Show’s 7th birthday party, which you might have seen my vlog. I just wanted something fresh to wear and I should say, my friend, Jana, owns Showpo. I want to support her in her business. The show’s pretty much the only clothes that I generally do buy these days.

Next up is summer work dresses. I just have a heap. Yes, I know it’s not ironed. Can I just say I never ever iron my clothes before I’ve put it them in the cupboard? I think it is such a waste of time. I always just shove them in the cupboard and then when I need something, I just iron it really quickly.

Anyway, so pretty much I just have a ton of these in like those neutral colours I said. I have navy, grey, white, black, and maroon. Now, I like grouping together because I can see straight away that I pretty much have two maroon summer dresses so I feel like I can easily get rid of one of these. I just realized, all of this is Showpo. Everything in my hand is Showpo. This dress is Showpo. Some white summer dresses. These, I realize I feel like I could just condense and keep one of those. I have like a summer dress which I sort of just throw onto like go to the beach and stuff. This (inaudible) playsuit which I think I’m definitely going to sell because I’ve noticed that this is so hard to iron and I feel like if there’s something’s hard to iron I like rarely ever wear it and so I just don’t get a lot of use out of it. It’s really cute but I hardly ever wear it. This is just a really casual for spring and autumn where it’s a bit like oh is it cold, is it hot? I’ll wear this just with like a pair of Converse.

Winter work dresses, I easily probably can condense and get rid of like one of the pattern one. I find like they’re almost exactly the same. I have too many grey cardigans like. I have a black one. I have this really cute seed, the peplum-looking jacket which goes really well with my pencil skirt. I have this cape which something I should talk about more.

Capes I think are actually really good for minimalist because they’re trans-seasonal. I find like clothes that are transformation-seasonal that you can wear all year round. It makes a lot more sense than having a really heavy like the winter coat and then like not having layers underneath. I find it I’ll wear something like this and layer it off.

This cape is from Country Road. It was probably about $300, but honestly the best investment I ever made. When I wear this like you can easily just chuck a basic dress underneath and it all of a sudden becomes so much more dressy and you look like you’re sort of put together.

Can you hear that? My husband’s trying to cook. Smoke alarms are going off. The dogs are barking.

Then there are my winter coat. This is like my casual winter coat. Pretty much will wear every single day when I’m not working. This, I feel like I have to get rid of. I hardly ever wear it. I sort of like it because it’s sleeveless so it’s again one of those trans-seasonal pieces that you can wear with jeans, sort of layer it like either just a long sleeve top or a long sleeve top as a jumper underneath. This is mine like “oh my goodness, it’s freaking cold outside” jacket. It is so warm. I bought it when I went to New York a few years ago. It’s just so warm but I think it’s the wrong style. It’s a bit too casual. I think if I had something similar in black, it would be a lot more versatile.

I’m going to show this. Look how wrinkly it is. I have these two maxi dresses.

The last thing I have in my wardrobe is this robe that my best friend got me when I was a bridesmaid for her wedding. I think when I film my bedroom tour, I’m going to wear this. I’ll look all glam.