Hi! It’s Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. In today’s video, I’m not talking about video. I hope it’s okay, but today, I decided to do a wardrobe tour. I’m doing this video as part of my series of “getting to know me”. I want this channel to be about video and about Synoply and what I’m creating but also I want to get to know you guys and want to share a bit of my life.

Something that has been going on for me in the last couple of years is that I’ve been becoming more and more minimalist. I think I would say like in most of my life like in our house and everything like that I’m pretty minimalist and over the last couple of years with my wardrobe, I’ve noticed that I’ve become more and more minimalist.

Now, I don’t know whether or not I can call myself as a minimalist or not. I don’t really know how many clothes you’re allowed to have before you become someone who’s not minimalist. What I thought I’d do is show you my wardrobe, share some tips of what I’ve been doing to sort of become more minimalist but still feel like I have clothes to wear to go out and not feel like I’m deprived I guess of having fashionable clothing. I was hoping that maybe you guys could share your tips because I absolutely love learning about things on YouTube. A lot of the things I learned about minimalism came from watching other people’s YouTube videos and their wardrobe tours. Hopefully, we can sort of share some knowledge here and help each other to become more minimalist.

I should say today’s video is not going to be a bedroom tour. Not that there’s much to show, but I actually am going to do a separate video with a bedroom tour and in particular I’m going to focus a lot on my bedside table because I am someone who struggles with sleep a lot and so over the years, I’ve watched every YouTube video about hacks for sleeping better and so I feel like I’ve got a whole separate video that I can do about sleeping hacks and going through sort of what items I keep on my bedside to help me sleep better. I’m going to do that in a separate video.

Before I show you my wardrobe, I want to talk about what led me to become more minimalist. My husband is someone who’s pretty neat just in general anyway. Our first house, we had a four-bedroom house, it was quite a large house. We lived out in Western Sydney. Even though he had a really big house my husband didn’t like storing a lot of junk, I guess or just stuff and so we try and only have like one wardrobe with like keepsakes and things like that. We’re always trying to condense and see if there was anything else that we could possibly sell or get rid of.

I felt like in most other areas of my life I was quite minimalist in terms of how the house decor was and all of that. I had a walk-in wardrobe and I had lots and lots of clothes and lots and lots of shoes and lots and lots of handbags, lots and lots of everything to be honest. The amazing thing is that I felt like I never had anything to wear. It was always such a struggle trying to pick an outfit and feel good and yeah just find something in this massive array of clothes that I have.

Then my husband and I did a bit of a sea change where we moved from Western Sydney into the CBD of Sydney literally on York Street and we had this teeny tiny little one-bedroom apartment and it had the smallest wardrobe you could imagine like. It was insane. The amazing thing was that I had to pretty much take a capsule collection of my clothes with me to the city and I put the rest in storage. Throughout that whole time that we lived in the city, to date, I never ever once was like oh I wish I had that dress that’s in storage or I wish I had this or I wish I had that. I actually found that on a daily basis picking what to wear was so much easier because I had a really small selection to choose from and I actually felt better about what I was wearing and sort of made smarter decisions in terms of what I was purchasing. After the city, we ended up moving into our house in Mina West and we had a bigger cupboard and more storage space, but I decided to try and stick to being minimalist and see how that would go for me.

I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I’ve absolutely loved it. For me, I think what I like the most is like I would be lying if I said that I was motivated by sort of environmental factors. I think that’s a great side effect for me that I’m helping the environment by not purchasing more and more fashion so I’m just getting rid of it. It’s not really to save money because I’m going to talk about what I spend my money on that I save from not buying clothes. Later in the video, I’ll talk about that.

For me, I think the end goal or the end result of it has been that I just feel like the decision-making process of what to wear each day has just been so much more simplified and I just don’t even have to worry about like what to wear or you know anything like that. I’m a busy entrepreneur and throughout the day, I constantly have to make like big decisions and solve lots of problems and so all throughout the day, I’m just constantly making decisions. So for, me not having to make that extra decision in the morning is sort of just like a relief. I really just yeah thrive off the fact that its sort of just like a really simple process. I think you’ll see you know that there are so many famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and I’m not in any way saying that I like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, but they wear the exact same every exact same thing every day. They are extreme minimalist where it’s literally like the same t-shirt, same jeans, same everything. I’m definitely not at that point, but the reason why they say that they do that is to just remove that decision for them and it makes their life simpler.

For me, that’s what led to me becoming minimalist and sort of sticking with minimalism. I think that gives you the background and. Now, let’s jump into my wardrobe.